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HBS brings together innovative minds that represent a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. Minds that learn from each other. Teach each other. Question how the world works, and how they can make it better.

HBS students are prepared to lead at any level, in any function, and in any industry. Our team-based learning environment mirrors today's business world. Our community is built on the highest standards of integrity. All these factors point to the value of MBA recruiting at HBS.

Why Recruit at HBS Why Recruit at HBS?

Talent That's Right For Your Organization

HBS students can be the right option for your firm regardless of your size, growth phase, industry, geography, or hiring outlook. Find out why you should recruit at HBS.

The MBA Experience The MBA Experience

Take The HBS Journey

Discover what our students experience during their two years at HBS and the ways in which they learn the skills and confidence to be leaders in the world.

Our Students Our Students

Discover What Makes Our Students Unique

Learn more about who our students really are, and hear what they have to say about their experiences before and during their time at HBS and how it shapes what they hope to do in the future.

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