Middle East & North Africa

Since 2012, HBS sent more than 80 first-year students to Istanbul to work with a diverse range of companies as part of the FIELD Global Immersion Program. To further our impact in the region, HBS opened the Istanbul Research Center - the newest of the School's eight Global Centers - in January 2013. The Istanbul Research Center allows HBS to work with leaders of industry, government, and to learn from regional business challenges and innovations.

Connect with Students

Middle East and North Africa Club(MENA): 80 members
Harvard Arab Weekend
Africa Business Conference

Develop an Effective Recruiting Strategy

HBS Career & Professional Development is committed to helping you customize your recruitment needs in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition to connecting with student clubs and posting a job opportunity in Career Hubyou may want to also target students directly by reviewing their resumes (CVs) through our Resume Books. We realize that it is often difficult to come to campus to interview students for positions and so HBS offers video conferencing facilities for students which enable you to conduct an interview without making the trip to campus.

Please contact Phillip Andrews (phandrews+hbs.edu or on +1.617.495.6086) to discuss how to most effectively find the right MBA talent for your organization.