Investment Banking

Throughout periods of economic expansion and contraction, investment banking has been an industry from which numerous HBS students arrive to campus and into which many HBS students enter upon graduation. Regardless of the economic cycle, corporations, governments and individuals always require contributors who can provide innovative, specialized counsel and deliverables. The exciting combination of financial expertise and strategic thinking that embodies Investment banking is a natural fit for the HBS curriculum and HBS students.

Fast Facts

  • 470 students report having experience in Investment Banking prior to attending HBS
  • 430 students are interested in pursuing a career in Investment Banking post-HBS
  • Over 500 students make up the Investment Club
  • HBS brings Training The Street to campus several times a year to augment students' financial and modeling skills

Recruiting Tip:

For first year students, investment banks typically come to campus beginning in November and interview for summer internships during the HBS Dedicated Interview Period (January 21-24, 2014). More and more, the summer internship is becoming a key component for many investment banks' full time offers, as it provides a firm several weeks to assess a candidate's skills, fit and potential.

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