East Asia

With more than 100 students from across East Asia, HBS is the perfect place for your organization to find outstanding MBA talent. In addition to the diverse group of student who hail from the region, more than 300 HBS students have professional work experience in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and several other countries.

Internship Hiring

After their first year of study, our students have 8 to 10 weeks from June to August to work in a summer internship. An MBA internship can be one of the most effective ways for an organization to find full-time talent for future positions, or an opportunity to have an exceptionally skilled professional work on a short-term project. A summer internship provides a student with the opportunity to learn more about a company and to make valuable contributions to the organization.

Full-time Hiring

Our case method approach of teaching puts students in the middle of real issues and situations that they will encounter in business, allowing them to develop a solid framework for judgment that serves them throughout their careers. Working together on more than 500 cases during the two-year program not only allows students to exercise the skills and analytical techniques they learn at HBS, but also prepares them to think on their feet, make tough decisions, listen, reason, defend, and work as part of a team. Our program provides students with the tools and insight they will need to continue in their careers after HBS. Throughout their careers, they follow the high standards of integrity, personal accountability, and respect for others that are at the heart of the HBS community and culture.

Develop an Effective Recruiting Strategy