Sub-Saharan Africa

Currently, over 30 students are citizens of a Sub-Saharan Africa country and 150 students have previous professional experience in the region, representing a growing portion of the HBS student body. Many more HBS MBA students boast a dynamic interest in the evolution of business and commerce in Africa.

HBS is committed to helping our students gain direct work experience in Africa. Since 2010, more than 130 second-year students have worked with companies in South Africa and Rwanda as part of second-year Immersion Experience Programs (IXP). In 2012, HBS began sending over 100 first-year students with no previous work experience in Africa to Accra, Cape Town, and Johannesburg to work with diverse companies as part of the FIELD Global Immersion held in January.

Connect with Students

Africa Business Club: 114 members
Africa Business Conference

Develop an Effective Recruiting Strategy

MBA Career & Professional Development is committed to helping you customize your recruitment needs in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to connecting with student clubs and posting a job opportunity in Career Hub, you may want to also target students directly by reviewing their resumes (CVs) through our Resume Books. We realize that it is often difficult to come to campus to interview students for positions and so HBS offers video conferencing facilities for students which enable you to conduct an interview without making the trip to campus.

Please contact Phillip Andrews ( or on +1.617.495.6086) to discuss how to most effectively find the right MBA talent for your organization.