Recruiting Strategies

Our office takes a personalized approach to helping you recruit on campus, just as you should personalize your approach to recruiting our students. We understand every organization has unique needs and we strive to help you meet those needs. Below are suggestions to create an effective recruiting strategy. While all HBS recruiting options are available to your organization, in no way do we suggest that every organization should take advantage of each of these suggestions. Consider these HBS recruiting events and opportunities as a menu of options as you begin developing your approach.

Reimagining Recruiting: Research by HBS

With a goal to understand the latest recruiting trends on campus, our office embarked on an extensive research project last Spring. Managing Director, Kristen Fitzpatrick provides a summary of research findings which support the strategies below.

A snapshot of research findings are also available.

Assess Your Tools

Your company has a vast toolkit of recruiting resources which can complement any of the opportunities below.

Leverage Your People:

HBS Alumni & Current Employees HBS Alumni, or current employees,make great company representatives on campus as their opinions are highly valued by current students. Have them present at a company presentation or attend an event to greatly impact awareness on-campus.
Former HBS interns and employees Your summer interns, in addition to former employees who are now at HBS, can create buzz on-campus about their experience at your organization, leading to additional student interest. Hire an intern and organically grow your brand on-campus.
Former employees Many students find it important to learn the long term trajectory of the employees at organizations of interest. Engage former employees to illustrate what working at your organization can do for a candidate's career.
Senior Leaders The perspective of a senior leader is highly valued by students. If a senior leader is available to come to campus, we encourage organizations to engage students in this way as it can draw strong student attendance.

Leverage Existing Platforms:

Your website Your company website is a robust tool to engage students. Whether touting the latest press about your company, showcasing what makes your company culture unique, or highlighting specific opportunities for MBA students or alumni within the career section of your site, your company website can be one of your greatest resources.
Social media Our students and alumni hold accounts on social media platforms ranging from LinkedIn and Twitter to Pinterest and YouTube. Ensuring your company's profile is up-to-date is a great way to promote your brand and provide students with another means of contacting you.

Develop a Personalized Strategy

Students engage further with organizations that approach them in a personalized and authentic manner. Ensure that you know the background of each student you reach out to and incorporate pertinent information into communications with them.

Post a Job in Career Hub Students have the ability to search job postings via more than 10 search criteria including industry, function and location, providing your company with an easy way to target students with interest in your firm.
Send Targeted Emails Using the Resume Book Database Class and club resume book databases provide a great opportunity to identify individual candidates. Reach out to students notifying them of your interest. Students perceive emails directly from the company to be extremely effective.
Hold a Company Presentation Holding a Company Presentation or participating in Company Information Day is a great forum to educate students about your company's culture and opportunities.
Engage with a Student Club Present at a conference or mingle with students at a club event and get to know students with interests in specific industries, functions and more.
Host a Company Appointment Company Appointments are a way to connect with students in individual or small group sessions. These HBS coordinated meetings are hosted in the Spangler Project Rooms on campus. Students will sign up for time slots through Career Hub.
Hold a Content Presentation Hold a purely educational presentation to provide students with thought leadership regarding content about which your firm holds expertise.
Hold a Remote Presentation Unable to travel to campus, but are interested in connecting with students remotely? Email our office at if you're interested in holding a remote presentation.

Engage with Students of Interest

Connect with individual students you've identified as potential candidates.

Interview Companies can choose to interview on or off campus. Our office can help facilitate and manage your schedule, should you choose to interview on campus during our dedicated interview period.
Video conference meetings Arrange a video conference meeting or interview from a remote location.
Host a dinner of gathering Get to know students in a relaxed setting off campus, by hosting a dinner or small gathering.