Recruiting Strategies

Our office takes a personalized approach to helping you recruit on campus, just as you should personalize your approach to recruiting our students. We understand every organization has unique needs and we strive to help you meet those needs. Below are suggestions to create an effective recruiting strategy. While all HBS recruiting options are available to your organization, in no way do we suggest that every organization should take advantage of each of these suggestions. Consider these HBS recruiting events and opportunities as a menu of options as you begin developing your approach.

Reimagining Recruiting: Research by HBS

With a goal to understand the latest recruiting trends on campus, our office embarked on an extensive research project last Spring. Managing Director, Kristen Fitzpatrick provides a summary of research findings which support the strategies below.

A snapshot of research findings are also available.

Assess Your Tools

Your company has a vast toolkit of recruiting resources which can complement any of the opportunities below.

Leverage Your People:

HBS Alumni & Current Employees HBS Alumni, or current employees,make great company representatives on campus as their opinions are highly valued by current students. Have them present at a company presentation or attend an event to greatly impact awareness on-campus.
Former HBS interns and employees Your summer interns, in addition to former employees who are now at HBS, can create buzz on-campus about their experience at your organization, leading to additional student interest. Hire an intern and organically grow your brand on-campus.
Former employees Many students find it important to learn the long term trajectory of the employees at organizations of interest. Engage former employees to illustrate what working at your organization can do for a candidate's career.
Senior Leaders The perspective of a senior leader is highly valued by students. If a senior leader is available to come to campus, we encourage organizations to engage students in this way as it can draw strong student attendance.

Leverage Existing Platforms:

Your website Your company website is a robust tool to engage students. Whether touting the latest press about your company, showcasing what makes your company culture unique, or highlighting specific opportunities for MBA students or alumni within the career section of your site, your company website can be one of your greatest resources.
Social media Our students and alumni hold accounts on social media platforms ranging from LinkedIn and Twitter to Pinterest and YouTube. Ensuring your company's profile is up-to-date is a great way to promote your brand and provide students with another means of contacting you.

Develop a Personalized Strategy

Students engage further with organizations that approach them in a personalized and authentic manner. Ensure that you know the background of each student you reach out to and incorporate pertinent information into communications with them.

Post a Job in Career Hub Students have the ability to search job postings via more than 10 search criteria including industry, function and location, providing your company with an easy way to target students with interest in your firm.
Send Targeted Emails Using the Resume Book Database Class and club resume book databases provide a great opportunity to identify individual candidates. Reach out to students notifying them of your interest. Students perceive emails directly from the company to be extremely effective.
Hold a Company Presentation Holding a Company Presentation or participating in Company Information Day is a great forum to educate students about your company's culture and opportunities.
Engage with a Student Club Present at a conference or mingle with students at a club event and get to know students with interests in specific industries, functions and more.
Host a Company Appointment Company Appointments are a way to connect with students in individual or small group sessions. These HBS coordinated meetings are hosted in the Spangler Project Rooms on campus. Students will sign up for time slots through Career Hub.
Hold a Content Presentation Hold a purely educational presentation to provide students with thought leadership regarding content about which your firm holds expertise.
Hold a Remote Presentation Unable to travel to campus, but are interested in connecting with students remotely? Email our office at if you're interested in holding a remote presentation.

Engage with Students of Interest

Connect with individual students you've identified as potential candidates.

Interview Companies can choose to interview on or off campus. Our office can help facilitate and manage your schedule, should you choose to interview on campus during our dedicated interview period.
Video conference meetings Arrange a video conference meeting or interview from a remote location.
Host a dinner of gathering Get to know students in a relaxed setting off campus, by hosting a dinner or small gathering.
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Recruiting Options

There are numerous ways to get involved in recruiting at HBS; below are just a few to get you started. We encourage you to reach out to Our Office to create a strategy tailored to your company's needs.

Post a Job

Advertise your company's opportunities via our recruiting platform, Career Hub, and reach over 1,800 Harvard Business School MBA students. We've created a checklist of thought provoking questions to help you craft an exciting and relevant job posting.

Purchase a Resume Book

Resume books are designed to help you identify students who fit your candidate profile and better target your outreach efforts. Purchase a full class book or request a complimentary club resume book.

Participate in a Recruiting Event

Participating in recruiting events is a great way to build brand awareness and connect with students. Second-year recruiting begins on September 8th, 2014 and all first-year recruiting begins on October 27th, 2014. Please note, there are no fees when participating in on-campus recruiting events coordinated by HBS.

Conduct Interviews

HBS supports on-campus Dedicated Interview Periods for both second and first-year students, as well as additional interview dates throughout the year. For more information, view Interview Options.

Partner with a Student Club

The 70 plus student clubs provide an excellent opportunity for your company to connect with a targeted group of MBA candidates.

Propose an Independent Project

Field Based Learning provides students with the opportunity to apply their skills to real-world challenges facing organizations, while companies benefit directly from the student interaction and deliverables.

International Students & Companies

International students are an extraordinary addition to any company. At Harvard Business School they represent over a third of the MBA population and come from more than 70 countries. In an increasingly global marketplace, competitive organizations are pursuing global competency as a key attribute in their hiring so this is a pool of talented professionals you should not overlook.

Internship Hiring

All international students are eligible for U.S. work authorization after the first year of the MBA program and none requires visa sponsorship from your organization to work. Most students hold F-1 status and qualify through a grant of Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Those in J-1 status qualify for Academic Training (AT). Work authorization is issued by Harvard so hiring international students requires no more paperwork than when you hire U.S. workers.

Career Hiring

Upon graduation, all F-1 students have U.S. work authorization for 12 months through a grant of Optional Practical Training (OPT). Students in J-1 status have up to 18 months of Academic Training (AT). All students are able to work in any professional business function and employers do not need to interact with the U.S. government to secure work authorization. There is no cost to employers and this is the first step to ensuring a smooth transition to full-time worker. It is then easy to convert these workers to long-term hires at your company.

Long-Term Employment

The H-1B category is the most common long-term work visa but it may be just one option for you. It is easy to sponsor an international student for long-term work in the United States. In fact, each year more than 25,000 U.S. companies employ at least one international worker in H-1B status.

Common Business Category


Specialty Occupation
  • Professional position that requires at least a bachelor's degree
  • Annual quota of 85,000 new H-1B visas with 20,000 reserved for individuals who hold advanced degrees from U.S. universities
  • Individuals who previously held H-1B status not subject to cap
  • A total of 6 years is generally permitted for H-1B professionals


Free Trade Agreement
  • Individuals from:
    • Canada (TN)
    • Mexico (TN)
    • Australia (E-3)
    • Singapore (H-1B1)
    • Chile (H-1B1)
  • No limit on the amount of time a person can work in a TN or E-3 status
  • A total of 6 years permitted for H-1B1 professionals


  • Must have worked at least 1 year in the past 3 for a foreign entity of a company that has a U.S. office
  • No numerical limit on the number of L-1 visas issued
  • A total of 5 years is permitted for L-1B employees (specialized knowledge) and 7 years for L-1A managers/executives


Extraordinary Ability
  • Extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, arts or athletics, with sustained national or international acclaim
  • No numerical limit on the number of O-1 visas issued
  • No limit on the amount of time a person can work in O-1 status

Global Recruiting

For those organizations seeking to place students outside the United States, our students have permanent work authorization in more than 80 countries and about half of international students choose career positions outside the country. If you want to discuss how to effectively recruit for your international offices, please review our Closer Look pages and refer to our Recruiting Stategies. If you have specific questions regarding U.S. immigration issues, please contact Kurt Piemonte in HBS Career & Professional Development.

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Global Locations



Did you know, more than 700 students report having experience in consulting prior to attending HBS? In addition, our diverse student body includes hundreds of students with robust experience who are looking to transition to a career in consulting. Take a closer look at this rich source of professional talent and the resources available to help guide your recruiting strategy at HBS.

Fast Facts

  • 286 members in the Management Consulting Club
  • Over 50 faculty members involved in consulting and corporate strategy related research, teaching, and activities
  • 22% of the Class of 2013 accepted full-time consulting positions and 14% of the Class of 2014 accepted summer internships in consulting

Resources for Recruiters

Questions about connecting with students interested in consulting? Please contact your consulting sector liaisons Rebecca Storo ( and Sandra Genere (

Consumer Packaged Goods

Take a closer look at students with passion for Consumer Packaged Goods. Last year, 3% of graduates joined a marketing-driven firm where they inspire to become innovative and insightful leaders on a team.

Fast Facts:

  • 370 current students with previous experience in Consumer Packaged Goods
  • 316 members of the Marketing & CPG Club
  • 264 members of the Retail & Luxury Goods Club

Resources for Recruiters

Questions about connecting with students interested in Consumer Packaged Goods? Please contact your sector liaisons Lauren Murphy ( and Becca Carnahan (

Venture Capital and Private Equity

Venture Capital and Private Equity (VC/PE) have a long tradition at Harvard Business School. Our alumni have founded and grown some of the most respected VC/PE firms around the world. In the class of 2013, 240 students report having experience in Venture Capital or Private Equity prior to attending HBS, and 500 students are members of the Venture Capital & Private Equity Club. Additionally, over 115 companies hired HBS students in 2012 for summer or career positions in VC/PE.

Resources for Recruiters

Companies' recruiting approaches within the Venture Capital and Private Equity space vary by firm. While some firms like to have a strong presence on campus and recruit broadly through the Career & Professional Development office, others prefer to only work with the VC/PE Club and take a more subtle approach. Whether you are an existing recruiting partner or this is your first time recruiting at HBS, the MBA Career & Professional Development team would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your firm's needs and help determine the best approach for you.

Preparing for Careers in Finance

HBS students interact daily with the school's world class faculty and their research, including close to 40 faculty members involved in VC/PE-related research, teaching, and activities. After completing the rigorous first-year required curriculum which includes two courses in finance and one in financial reporting and control, students have access to many sophisticated technical courses.

We encourage you to:

  • Check out these overall Recruiting Strategies.
  • Develop good relationships with the student clubs that best fit your organization and/or the roles you're recruiting for. For example: the Venture Capital and Private Equity Club and perhaps also a geographic regional club like the West Coast Club.
  • Consider holding targeted events in collaboration with student clubs. It's great when compelling senior leaders talk directly to students.
  • Remember: we are here to help you when the time is right. Whether it's advice on how to time your efforts, craft the right job description, or customize your efforts here, please feel free to contact your sector liaisons Jonathan Shepherd ( and Drew Davis (

Social Enterprise

274 students worked within the nonprofit or government sectors before coming to HBS, and many students from other industries are interested in switching into work that has social impact. Take a closer look at students with a passion for creating value beyond just the bottom line.

Fast Facts:

  • 274 students with experience in Social Enterprise
  • 375 members of the Social Enterprise Club
  • 90+ HBS faculty engage in social enterprise research and teaching
  • 1/3 HBS Alumni currently serving on nonprofit boards

Start Recruiting Now!

Questions about connecting with students interested in social enterprise? Please contact your sector liaisons Betsy Strickland ( and Jennifer Simons (


Last year, 18% of the HBS graduating class chose a career in technology. Ranging from working for a global technology firm as an internal consultant, to a product manager at an established software firm, to joining a mobile start-up, HBS students are incredibly interested in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in this industry.

Our students are ready to face the challenges of a career in technology and are exposed to many facets of this industry—from classes and cases to conferences and company presentations—during their two years at HBS.

Connect with Students

You can connect with our students interested in pursuing a career in technology through both student clubs and events.

More than 440 students had experience in technology prior to attending HBS, and the TechMedia Club boasts over 530 student members. The TechMedia Club strives to make Harvard Business School a powerful source of global leadership in technology and digital media. The club hosts speakers from the industry throughout the year as well as the annual Cyberposium Conference typically held at HBS in November. The club also organizes an annual Career Trek "WesTrek" to visit Bay Area companies.

The Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a conduit by which students can access relevant entrepreneurial resources, network with prominent community entrepreneurs, and share ideas. To this end, the club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new or small businesses, in technology and beyond.

Working with Our Office

We work with corporate partners in many ways to ensure the best possible recruiting experience. No matter the size or location of your firm, your recruiting budget or the timing of your hiring needs, we can collaborate with you to determine a tailored recruiting strategy.

Throughout the year, we are on the road meeting with firms that recruit our students. We value your partnership and look forward to meeting with you in your environment to gain an understanding of your company culture and hiring needs. Should you wish to meet with us when we're in your region, please reach out to your technology sector liaisons, Cathy Hutchinson ( and Molly DeCastro (

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Latin America

Over the past decade, HBS faculty and student interest in the dynamic Latin American business and economic environment has grown substantially. There are currently more than 5,000 Harvard alumni in the 11 alumni clubs throughout Latin America, while on campus, more than 200 students have experience working in Latin America prior to coming to HBS. HBS is committed to having our students gain direct work experience in Latin America and in 2012 began sending 25% of the first-year class (roughly 230 students) annually to Latin America where they engaged with dozens of companies as part of the FIELD Global Immersion.

Connect with Students

LatAm Club: 121 members
Latino Student Organization: 48 members
Latin American Conference

Develop an Effective Recruiting Strategy

MBA Career & Professional Development is committed to helping you customize your recruitment needs in Latin America. In addition to connecting with student clubs and posting a job opportunity in Career Hub you may want to also target students directly by reviewing their resumes (CVs) through our Resume Books. We realize that it is often difficult to come to campus to interview students for positions and so HBS offers video conferencing facilities for students which enable you to conduct an interview without making the trip to campus.

Please contact Phillip Andrews ( or on +1.617.495.6086) to discuss how to most effectively find the right MBA talent for your organization.

South Asia

The largest international student group at HBS is from India with 89 students holding Indian passports. In addition, there are 10 students from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, and more than 150 students in the entire MBA population have previous professional experience in the region.

Internship Hiring

After their first year of study, our students have 8 to 10 weeks from June to August to work in a summer internship. An MBA internship can be one of the most effective ways for an organization to find full-time talent for future positions, or an opportunity to have an exceptionally skilled professional work on a short-term project. A summer internship provides a student with the opportunity to learn more about a company and to make valuable contributions to the organization.

Full-time Hiring

Our case method approach of teaching puts students in the middle of real issues and situations that they will encounter in business, allowing them to develop a solid framework for judgment that serves them throughout their careers. Working together on more than 500 cases during the two-year program not only allows students to exercise the skills and analytical techniques they learn at HBS, but also prepares them to think on their feet, make tough decisions, listen, reason, defend, and work as part of a team. Our program provides students with the tools and insight they will need to continue in their careers after HBS. Throughout their careers, they follow the high standards of integrity, personal accountability, and respect for others that are at the heart of the HBS community and culture.

Develop an Effective Recruiting Strategy