Connect With Students

There are many ways to connect with our students. In addition to visiting campus to deliver presentations and interview students, companies can collaborate with student clubs to participate in speaking engagements, receptions, conferences, career fairs, and Career Treks.

Whatever your level of involvement, Our Office is available to help you make the most of your efforts and answer any questions you have about these opportunities.

Recruiting Events

Participating in recruiting events is a great way to build brand awareness and provides your company with the opportunity to connect with students. There are a number of ways to get involved including HBS Career and Professional Development sponsored programs and club affiliated events. View a variety of opportunities to interact with second-year and first-year students.

Take advantage of Company Presentations

Educate students about your company's culture and opportunities by participating in Company Presentations at HBS.

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Participate in Industry Education Events (formerly Content Presentations)

These events are educational in nature and offer companies the opportunity to engage with students on topics of interest outside of recruiting.

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First-Year Events

Companies may choose to participate in Company Information Day, host a Company Presentation, or host a content presentation. To schedule any of the following recruiting events, please review our event dates and submit your reservation request via Career Hub.

Recruiting Events

Learn more about Company Information Day

Company Information Day (CID) is the launch of on-campus first-year recruiting, a day full of company presentations and networking. CID is a unique way to generate excitement about your company among MBA students at Harvard Business School.

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Second-Year Events

There are many ways to interact with second-year students during the recruiting season. To schedule any of the following recruiting events, please review our event dates and submit your reservation request via Career Hub.

Recruiting Events

Learn more about Company Appointments

Company Appointments provide a platform for organizations to connect with students on-campus in an intimate environment, whether individual or small group sessions.

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Student Clubs

Strengthen your presence on campus by partnering with one of more than 50 career-related student clubs and associations at HBS. These clubs provide excellent opportunities for your company to connect with a targeted group of students. A vital part of campus life, student clubs sponsor and coordinate many career-related activities, including:

  • Industry Education Events
  • Panel discussions and conferences
  • Career Fairs (fall) and workshops
  • CareerTreks (November to March) around the globe

For example, you may want to work with a club to sponsor an event; sponsor a case contest with the Consulting Club; partner with the Venture Capital and Private Equity Club for an investment contest; invite the Healthcare Club to your production facility for a tour; or have an executive visit campus to speak with students.

Please keep in mind that HBS Recruiting Policies and Guidelines apply to club events. Learn more and view the comprehensive list of clubs and officers on the Student Clubs page.

Club Conferences are student-led initiatives that bring together the best minds in business to share ideas and explore challenges facing a variety of industries. View a list of upcoming conferences to be held on the HBS campus over the next year. Please note, conference dates are subject to change. To learn more about these events, please visit the sponsoring clubs' web page.

Field Based Learning

Independent Projects - formerly called Field Studies - allow second-year HBS students to receive academic credit by completing projects that address an organization's real-time challenges. A faculty member advises students during their work on a project of strategic importance to the organization. Independent Project teams ideally range from 3-5 people, although a team of 2 or 6 may be supported, or a student may work solo with a faculty supervisor. Each team or individual is expected to conduct research in the field, carry out thoughtful analysis, prepare a report, and make a final presentation-supported by concrete findings and recommendations-to the advising faculty and, if appropriate, the sponsoring organization. Students find and develop independent project ideas in many ways. If your organization would like to learn more about posting an independent project for fall or winter term for student consideration, please see the detailed information below.

Independent Project Proposal

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Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities

Build Awareness Through Targeted Advertising

Whether you are new to recruiting at HBS or have a strong history of hiring our graduates, many students will be learning about your organization for the first time. There are many ways to make our students aware of the opportunities your organization has to offer. Optimize your recruiting efforts and drive attendance to your company events by communicating directly to students through various channels.

The Career & Professional Development Office will notify students of all HBS Coordinated events. We are committed to promoting all recruiting partners equally. Therefore, we do not send out communication to students on behalf of individual companies. When advertising, please specify the class audience (first-year/second-year students) you are targeting.


When advertising, please adhere to recruiting policies regarding advertising and outreach.


The Harbus Newspaper
The independent, student-run weekly newspaper is the best source of news and views on campus, and a great outlet for your message. Your advertisement will run alongside articles, commentaries, and life-style features. The Harbus offers advertising in both its print and online editions. Please contact The Harbus directly at contact or on 617-495-6528.

HBS Student Association Ventures
This HBS student-run concession is your on-campus resource for promoting your company within the student community. HBS SA Ventures solely manages the design, reproduction, and distribution of flyers, magazines, booklets, and promotional products. Please contact HBS SA Ventures directly at 617-496-6854.

Student Clubs
Reach a targeted group of students by contacting the Co-Presidents of a pertinent club. Once you have confirmed your date with HBS Career & Professional Development, club officers can help advertise your event via email.

Job Posting Checklist

Posting a job in Career Hub is a great way to create awareness of opportunities at your firm. If you plan to host an on campus presentation or conduct interviews, we encourage you to post your positions early. However, you may also post jobs free of charge in Career Hub throughout the year when you're ready and when it fits with your organization's recruiting strategy.

Before posting a job, take a few minutes to think about the role you are hiring for and what skills a successful candidate would have. Be thoughtful about your company profile and job description to ensure the posting speaks to your company's values, mission and culture. This will help you succeed at creating buzz around your job posting and finding the right match.

Use the checklist below to help craft a uniquely informative and exciting job posting.


  • Company Profile: Capture the essence of your company by highlighting your company mission, industry focus and what makes your firm unique.

    Questions to consider:

    • How many countries does your company have offices in?
    • Where is your global headquarters?
    • What characteristics differentiate your company from your competitors?
  • Job Description: Illustrate the responsibilities this position will hold whether they are general day-to-day tasks or high level goals and objectives.

    Questions to consider:

    • What makes this job unique?
    • Is it part of a structured program (i.e., formal summer internship program, Leadership Development or rotational program)?
    • What responsibilities will this role hold?
    • To whom does the position report?
    • What is the culture of the company or department?
    • Provide examples of day-to-day tasks for this role.
    • Is this an independent role or a team-oriented position?
    • What departments will this role collaborate with?
    • Are there distinct opportunities that come with this role (i.e. working with CEO or other senior leaders, collaborating with other interns)?
    • How much travel is required?
    • Is an MBA required? Are dual degree candidates, i.e. JD/MBA, MD/MBA, MPP/MBA, MPA/ID-MBA encouraged to apply?
    • What unique long-term opportunities are typically available for someone in this role?

    Additional questions:

    • Can this role lead to a full-time position?
    • Is there a particular project the internship role will focus on?
    • Are there examples of projects from years past if a current project is not yet confirmed?
  • Qualifications: Provide detailed information on the type of experience and skills that you are looking for in a candidate.

    Questions to consider:

    • How many years of experience are required? Please note that our students typically have 2-5 years of experience. If you are looking for more experienced candidates, please select Alumni as the Job Audience.
    • Many of our students are interested in transitioning industry and/or function (career switchers). Are there skills your company values that might be represented in industries or functions different from those in your job description?
    • More than 30% of the HBS student population is from an international location. Might a fresh global perspective be of value to your company or this role?
    • Is there a particular type of interview you plan to conduct (e.g. case interview, behavioral interview)?

Student Resumes

Class of 2015 and 2016 HBS Student Resume Book Databases

The resume book database is designed to help you identify students who fit your candidate profile and better target your outreach efforts. Resume book databases are ordered as an electronic database through an external vendor, MBA Focus.

The Class of 2015 and 2016 resume book databases are available to order now.

Once your request has been approved, log-in to Career Hub, choose the resume book you've purchased from the Resume Book Subscription widget on your dashboard and go to the Candidate Search tab to begin identifying talent for your organization. You may search for student resumes based on career interests, work experience, undergraduate degrees, foreign language skills, and location preference.

Pricing for Resume Database Access

Class of 2015 Class of 2016 Both Classes
$300 $300 $425

*Please note: HBS students have the option to participate in the class resume book databases; therefore, the HBS Classes of 2015 or 2016 may not be represented in their entirety. In addition, the resume book databases reflect only those students still seeking full-time and internship opportunities at the time the database is ordered. To order the Class of 2015 Second-Year or the Class of 2016 First-Year resume book databases, please agree to the policies below and you will be directed to the order form.

HBS has developed a set of Policies and Guidelines to which all recruiting partners must agree. The shared commitment to these policies and guidelines, by both partners and the School, provides the foundation for a fair and ethical recruiting process.

HBS makes its programs and activities available to organizations whose behavior and practices are consistent with the policies outlined on our website. Please bookmark them for reference throughout the year.

I have read and accept the HBS Recruiting Policies and Guidelines. I recognize that my organization's recruiting privileges at HBS are contingent upon my company's adherence to this agreement. 

  • Click to accept our usage policies and guidelines and continue to place your order: I ACCEPT

Class of 2015 and 2016 Club Resume Book Databases

Club resume book databases are available to order.

The search functionality for these databases is identical to the class resume book database and they include students who have elected to submit their resumes specifically to that club. Note that the actual number of students in the club is typically greater than the number of resumes in the book. You may also view a full listing of the Student Clubs of HBS and contact information.

To receive a copy of a Club Resume Book Database from the 2015/2016 Recruiting Season:
  • Create an account in Career Hub
  • Submit your request using the Resume Book Subscription widget on your Career Hub dashboard
  • You can expect to receive a confirmation email for your Club Resume Database request within 24 hours. The confirmation will include a specific link that will allow you to view the student resumes. Once you've selected the link and logged in using your Career Hub username and password, click the Candidate Search tab to begin identifying talent for your organization.

If you feel you need more than 5 club resume book databases, we respectfully ask that you consider purchasing the entire class resume book database.

Club Resume Books Available

Aerospace & Aviation Club Africa Business Club African American Student Union
Armed Forces Alumni Association Asia Business Club Asian-American Business Association
Australia and New Zealand Club Business Analytics & (big) Data Brew Club Business of Sports Club
Business of Sports Club Business Industry, and Government Club Canadian Club
Club Latinoamericano Design Club Emerging European Association (EEA)
Energy & the Environment Club Entertainment & Media Club Entrepreneurship Club
European Club Finance Club General Management & Operations Club
German-Speaking Society Global Business Club Greater China Club
Healthcare Club Hospitality & Travel Industry Club Human Capital Management Club
Investment Club Latino Student Organization (LASO) Le Club des Francophones
LGBT Student Association Management Consulting Club (MCC) Marketing & CPG Club
Middle East and North Africa Club Midwest Student Association Real Estate Club
Retail & Luxury Goods Club Sales Club Social Enterprise Club
South Asian Business Association Southern Students Association TechMedia Club
Texas Club Turnaround and Restructuring Club Venture Capital & Private Equity Club
Volunteer Consulting Organization West Coast Club Women's Student Association

Interview Options

Companies have the option to conduct HBS Coordinated (HBS manages schedules and logistics) or Company Coordinated Interviews (company manages schedules and logistics). All HBS Coordinated and Company Coordinated Interviews held on the following dates must be requested via Career Hub.

HBS Interview Dates
October 20-22
November 3 & 5
January 20-23
February 2 & 4
March 16 & 17

Interview MBA Students at HBS

Dedicated Interview Periods and West Coast Recruiting are great opportunities for organizations to interview current MBA students at HBS.

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HBS Coordinated Interviews

Partnering with HBS to conduct on-campus interviews provides companies with logistical support throughout the recruiting process. Your industry specific recruiting coordinator will work with you to manage all aspects of the planning process from room reservations to student scheduling, and day of operations.

On-campus Interview Schedule Templates and References

Important Notes:

HBS Coordinated Internship interview schedules must adhere to a ratio of 75% closed interview slots / 25% open interview slots.

HBS Coordinated Full-Time positions with only one interview schedule have the option of 100% closed interview slots; positions with more than one interview schedule must adhere to a ratio of 75% closed interview slots / 25% open interview slots.

HBS maintains a strict no-missed-class policy. Interviews and/or interview-related travel must not conflict with a student's class schedule.

First- and second-round interviews scheduled during the Dedicated Interview Periods (October 20-22, 2014 and January 20-23, 2015) must be held in the Boston area.

Companies must offer at least two date options for first- and second-round interviews that do not conflict with class time. During the Dedicated Interview Periods (October 20-22, 2014 and January 20-23, 2015), the two interview date option policy applies only to second-round interviews as CPD assigns first-round interview dates.

Interview Dates and Information

Company Coordinated Interviews

Companies are responsible for managing their schedule and logistics for Company Coordinated interviews. All Company Coordinated Interviews held on the following dates must be requested via Career Hub

HBS Interview Dates
October 20-22
November 3 & 5
January 20-23
February 2 & 4
March 16 & 17

For interviews outside of these dates, please contact your industry recruiting coordinator to confirm your interview date.

  • All interviews must be conducted outside of class time.
  • First-year interviews may not begin until January 20, 2015.
  • Interviews for first-year international opportunities may begin after finals on December 17, 2014 (off-campus).

Companies are responsible for reserving off-campus interview space. If you are interested in interviewing in the Boston area, view a list of local hotels and restaurants to assist in your planning. On-campus interview rooms may be requested and reserved (depending on room availability) through your industry specific recruiting coordinator.

Video Conference Facilities

Virtual recruiting has become increasingly popular among both students and companies. During the 2013/14 recruiting season more than 60 students took advantage of our video conference facilities and more than 70 employers recruited remotely.

Enabling employers to meet and interview students without traveling to campus, recruiters from a wide range of locations have opted to recruit via video conferencing including those in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Please email our office at if you're interested in setting up a video conference meeting or interview.

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