Data & Statistics

No two HBS students are alike and similarly, no two HBS career paths are alike. The employment data provided in this section broadly groups students by their career choices as defined by industry, function and location. View current as well as historical hiring data for both first- and second-year students.

Class profile data is also available, showcasing the truly diverse student body when they enter HBS as first-year students. You may also wish to view the comprehensive list of HBS recruiting partners demonstrating the breadth of companies and industries that recruit at HBS.

Student Spotlight Student Spotlight

2013 - 2014 Recruiting Report

Gain insights into the diverse set of career and internship choices made by the Classes of 2013 and 2014, and discover exclusive student stories and updates from the School.

A Closer Look Get a Closer Look

Recruiting Strategies by Sector & Location

Recruiting strategies and data targeted by industry and location are often the most helpful pieces of information for recruiters. Take a Closer Look at the Technology sector, Latin American region, and more.