Job Posting Checklist

Posting a job in Career Hub is a great way to create awareness of opportunities at your firm. If you plan to host an on campus presentation or conduct interviews, we encourage you to post your positions early. However, you may also post jobs free of charge in Career Hub throughout the year when you're ready and when it fits with your organization's recruiting strategy.

Before posting a job, take a few minutes to think about the role you are hiring for and what skills a successful candidate would have. Be thoughtful about your company profile and job description to ensure the posting speaks to your company's values, mission and culture. This will help you succeed at creating buzz around your job posting and finding the right match.

Use the checklist below to help craft a uniquely informative and exciting job posting.


  • Company Profile: Capture the essence of your company by highlighting your company mission, industry focus and what makes your firm unique.

    Questions to consider:

    • How many countries does your company have offices in?
    • Where is your global headquarters?
    • What characteristics differentiate your company from your competitors?
  • Job Description: Illustrate the responsibilities this position will hold whether they are general day-to-day tasks or high level goals and objectives.

    Questions to consider:

    • What makes this job unique?
    • Is it part of a structured program (i.e., formal summer internship program, Leadership Development or rotational program)?
    • What responsibilities will this role hold?
    • To whom does the position report?
    • What is the culture of the company or department?
    • Provide examples of day-to-day tasks for this role.
    • Is this an independent role or a team-oriented position?
    • What departments will this role collaborate with?
    • Are there distinct opportunities that come with this role (i.e. working with CEO or other senior leaders, collaborating with other interns)?
    • How much travel is required?
    • Is an MBA required? Are dual degree candidates, i.e. JD/MBA, MD/MBA, MPP/MBA, MPA/ID-MBA encouraged to apply?
    • What unique long-term opportunities are typically available for someone in this role?

    Additional questions:

    • Can this role lead to a full-time position?
    • Is there a particular project the internship role will focus on?
    • Are there examples of projects from years past if a current project is not yet confirmed?
  • Qualifications: Provide detailed information on the type of experience and skills that you are looking for in a candidate.

    Questions to consider:

    • How many years of experience are required? Please note that our students typically have 2-5 years of experience. If you are looking for more experienced candidates, please select Alumni as the Job Audience.
    • Many of our students are interested in transitioning industry and/or function (career switchers). Are there skills your company values that might be represented in industries or functions different from those in your job description?
    • More than 30% of the HBS student population is from an international location. Might a fresh global perspective be of value to your company or this role?
    • Is there a particular type of interview you plan to conduct (e.g. case interview, behavioral interview)?