Company Coordinated Interviews

Companies are responsible for managing their schedule and logistics for Company Coordinated interviews. All Company Coordinated Interviews held on the following dates must be requested via Career Hub

HBS Interview Dates
October 20-22
November 3 & 5
January 20-23
February 2 & 4
March 16 & 17

For interviews outside of these dates, please contact your industry recruiting coordinator to confirm your interview date.

  • All interviews must be conducted outside of class time.
  • First-year interviews may not begin until January 20, 2015.
  • Interviews for first-year international opportunities may begin after finals on December 17, 2014 (off-campus).

Companies are responsible for reserving off-campus interview space. If you are interested in interviewing in the Boston area, view a list of local hotels and restaurants to assist in your planning. On-campus interview rooms may be requested and reserved (depending on room availability) through your industry specific recruiting coordinator.