Alumni Involvement

Alumni are an invaluable resource to our students. If you're an alumnus looking to give back to the HBS community, we encourage you to get involved in career education and recruiting related activities for current HBS students.

From club events, to posting fulltime and internship opportunities, there are many ways to share your knowledge and become an advocate for your company to recruit current HBS students. Here are a few ways to get involved on-campus:

Update Your Profile in the Alumni Directory

Share your knowledge with students interested in your industry, function or location by keeping your profile up-to-date. Include your past experience, home country, current interests and location within your profile so students with similar interests or stories may reach out to you.

Student Clubs

Get involved with relevant regional or topical clubs on-campus by participating at a conference, hosting a career trek or forwarding a job posting from your company. Students welcome alumni involvement within their club-related activities. View a list of student clubs.

Talk to your Human Resources department

Become an HBS advocate at your company. Share the recruiting report with your human resources department to provide your company with an overview of HBS recruiting options and employment trends on-campus. To post jobs, request class resume books or sign-up for events on campus, you may also direct them to Career Hub.

Post fulltime and internship opportunities on Career Hub

Posting a job is a great way to create awareness of opportunities at your firm and a great way to stay connected with the HBS community. Review our Job Posting Checklist to help you craft a uniquely informative and exciting job posting or, if you're ready to post a job, go to Career Hub.

Contact our office

The HBS Career & Professional Development team greatly values its relationships with Alumni. Throughout the year, we're on the road meeting with alumni and recruiters. If you're interested in meeting with a member of our office and informing of us of recruiting trends and MBA opportunities at your firm, please contact us.

If you are interested in learning more about the suite of career offerings for Alumni, please visit