What does "Save my contact information" mean?

It is our goal to make your experience on the Harvard Business School MBA Recruiting Web site as convenient as possible. To do this, we have added the "Save my contact information" feature. This feature allows you to save your contact information on any of this site's forms to a specific computer. We do not currently have a way to remember your contact information on multiple machines, although there is nothing to prevent you from saving your information separately on multiple machines. Once you click the "Save my contact information" button, these fields will auto-populate with your information whenever you visit a form on the site.

Should I use this or not?

If you use a shared computer (in a library, Internet cafe, university, airport, or other common area) DO NOT click the "Save my contact information" button. This feature will be most helpful for those of you submitting multiple forms such as posting jobs, scheduling interviews and presentations, and requesting materials.

How long will my information be saved?

Your information will remain on your machine for one year unless you clear it from your computer.

How do I clear my information from a computer?

To clear your contact information from a computer, simply click the "Clear my contact information" button. Please remember that this must be done on every machine on which you used this feature.

How does this work?

We do this with something called "persistent cookies." More information on persistent cookies can be found on the Netscape Web site under the Persistent Cookies category. Please note that we are not saving your contact information in a database, it is simply being saved to your computer.

This isn't working for me, why not?

In order for this feature to work, you must have Javascript enabled on your machine. To enable Javascript, find your browser's advanced Internet options or preferences (varies by browser). Do not confuse Javascript with Java, these are two different programming languages.

Also, some corporations configure their employees' computers so that information in the form of cookies cannot be saved on the machine. Unfortunately in this case, you will not be able to use this feature.

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