Connect with Alumni

Recruiting Options

HBS Alumni have a common goal of wanting to make a positive difference in the world through the impact and engagement they will bring to your organization. In that respect, HBS thrives as a great place to hire talent. There are a number of ways to get involved in recruiting experienced talent from HBS. We encourage you to reach out to Our Office should you have questions about the options below.

Post a Job

Advertise your company's opportunities via our recruiting platform, Career Hub. With approximately 10,000 unique candidates entering the system each year, posting a job provides a great opportunity to create awareness of your organization.

Request Access to the Alumni Resume Book Database

Resume books are designed to help you identify alumni who fit your candidate profile and better target your outreach efforts. Request access to our resume book database for a $50 fee; with over 3000 resume uploads per year, requesting access to the alumni resume book database provides an opportunity to connect with candidates of interest.

Connect with HBS Alumni Clubs and Associations

Create awareness of your organization and job opportunities available by connecting with one of the 80 HBS Alumni Clubs and Associations worldwide. Whether forwarding a job opportunity to club members or offering to present at a club event, connecting with a targeted group of talent is a great way to promote opportunities at your firm.