A first-year MBA summer intern

HBS students are an exceptional group of men and women interested in a variety of opportunities around the globe. Hire a summer intern to work on a challenging project at your organization and organically grow your brand at HBS through the buzz they create when they return to campus as a second-year student.

Recruit MBA Students

A second-year MBA student

HBS brings together innovative minds that represent a wide range of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. Learning from and teaching one another, HBS students are prepared to lead in today's competitive business world.

Recruit MBA Students

A recent MBA graduate

In the last ten years, 8,759 alumni have graduated from HBS, and have between 5 and 15 years of professional experience. Alumni Career Hub is a great way to create awareness of opportunities at your organization and to connect with recent graduates of HBS.

Recruit Alumni

A senior level manager or executive

One third of HBS alumni hold top positions as C-level executives and 45% are part of senior management. Tap the ranks of seasoned HBS alumni providing strong, innovative leadership to companies worldwide to benefit your organization.

Recruit Alumni

A part- or full-time consultant

A growing number of HBS alumni are interested in pursuing flexible work arrangements. Find HBS Alumni for special projects, part-time assignments or interim executive positions across multiple industries and functions.

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