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Experiment Submissions

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We want your ideas on how to run a business experiment to create the next iteration of your organization. 

Using our Submission Template, design the four components of a field experiment:

  1. WHAT: Identify and characterize the problem you plan to test; Choose an intervention based on a hypothesis about causal effect
  2. HOW: Select a metric to measure the effect of the intervention
  3. WHO: Choose experimental and control groups
  4. WHY: Explain the mechanism for the results

The Guide will give you an example of a submission, using Professor Bernstein’s field experiment in China. Note that this Guide is intended only to be an example - your experiment, by no means, needs to look like his. What matters is following the structure of a rigorous experiment.

You can find the Guide in the submission space below, or you can click these links to get them in PDF format:

o-Lab Experiment Submission Template

o-Lab Timeline

o-Lab Shortlist Criteria

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