Precision Trials Challenge

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Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Kraft Foundation, Harvard Business School seeks to reimagine the precision trials process.

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The Precision Trials Challenge is a pioneering competition to generate ideas on how to bring diagnostics and therapies to market faster by reinventing the clinical trials process. From research labs to medicine cabinets, it takes at least 10 years and billions of dollars for one FDA-approved drug.

Precision medicine will bring faster innovation, targeted medicine and better treatment. Realizing the full potential of precision medicine will require a transformation of the clinical trials process. That is why the Health Care Initiative at Harvard Business School wants ideas from the scientific, patient, business, and medical communities.

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As a participant, you will receive invaluable feedback from an online community of precision medicine influencers, executives, researchers, doctors and advocacy groups. A panel of judges will evaluate every application and select the best ideas on how to reinvent the clinical trials process. 

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If you want to participate, but need some inspiration for your idea, check out this collection of stories about applying transformative technologies to health care.

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We follow a process with phases. Currently we are in the Announce Winner phase. We have selected and announced the best ideas for this challenge.
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Jeff - We really appreciate the time that you took to provide this valuable input into how HBS can make a difference in the field and bring together innovators.

This challenge was put together as a starting point with a financial incentive to increase participation. The objective of the challenge is not to fund this innovation but to create an open forum to collaborate on ideas and connect people.  We like your idea of a "collaborate" phase and will think about including that on future challenges.    HBS will continue to collaborate with leaders in the community to find ways to accelerate innovation in precision medicine, and initiating the type of meeting that you describe and creating grant opportunities are ideas that we are considering. We welcome continued feedback from the community as this is an evolving, high priority initiative.

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