2016 Winner

UrSure Inc.

We drive adherence to the HIV preventive drug, PrEP, with noninvasive, painless, cheap urine tests.

  • Giffin Daughtridge, HKS
  • Helen Koenig

2016 Runner-Up


We create credible, fun online content on women's health/sex, plus sexual assault prevention events.

  • Tess Brooks, MBA ‘16
  • Polina Dekhtyar, MBA ‘16
  • Montita Sowapark, Harvard College
  • Nyla Fuller, Harvard Extension School

2016 Finalists

Girls Health Champions

Trains adolescent girls as peer health educators and leaders.

  • Priya Shankar, HSPH
  • Ricky Sharma

Yellow Brick Road

We provide community college students with clear career pathways to employment and economic opportunity.

  • Ananth Kasturiraman, MBA ‘17
  • Victoria Chen
  • Kate Stephens, MBA ‘17

2016 Semifinalists


Your digital tutor. Think Siri for learning.

  • Jesse Whelan, MBA ‘17

ALEX, Anyone's Learning Experience

Airbnb for learning. A marketplace where you can buy higher education courses one at a time.

  • Sergio Marrero, MBA/HKS ‘16
  • Alana Matos, HGSE
  • Anabell Jimenez
  • Aaron Rosenberg, MBA ‘17
  • Akshay Goyal, HGSD

Blue Skies

Blue Skies provides pollution filtration products to reduce asthma rates and to save lives.

  • Jay Munster, SEAS
  • J. Eric Klobas, GSAS
  • Ravi Parikh
  • Godwin Yung, HSPH
  • Annie Park, HGSE


Generating group-based design competitions for students that complement their school curriculum.

  • Daniel Rice, MBA ‘17
  • Tushar Khadloya, MBA ‘17

Kirality Lab

Evaluating Education Impact

  • Jane Lee, HGSE
  • Karen Choi, HGSE
  • Jinho Kim, MBA ‘16


Mobile app creating a community of individuals sharing their experience with postpartum depression.

  • Rosibel Hernandez, HSPH


We empower educators to share & access physical space designs to meet all students’ learning needs.

  • Chelsea Banks, MBA ‘17
  • Jane Zhang , HGSD
  • Kelvin Woon, HGSE
  • Grace O'Shea


Develops a virtual reality intervention for adolescents with cognitive disorders.

  • Kasey Wang, HLS
  • Pooja Chandrashekar
  • Claudia Golden, HLS
  • Joan Zhang
  • Brendon Vetter, HLS
  • Tom Keefe
  • Kirk Jing, HLS


Online question and answer community for US teachers, think Quora for teachers.

  • Madeleine Goldstein, MBA ‘16
  • Silvia Chen

The Beat Academy

Pop-up arts and tech incubator, for creative youth interested in STE(A)M careers.

  • Toni Morgan, HGSE
  • Brandon Hoffman, HKS

Theia Health

We build medical apps that help hospitals optimize care, cut costs, and improve patient satisfaction.

  • Andrew Chu, HSPH
  • Sheena Reddy, HSPH
  • Christopher Choi

TSP Partners

Empowering families to be meaningful partner's in their child's education.

  • Marcela Andrés, HGSE
  • Ryan Korn, HGSE

2016 Participating Teams


Radically redesigning the school design and launch process.

  • Christine Ortiz, HGSE


“Waze of Security” and empowers decision-making in high-crime, low-transparency cities.

  • Cory Siskind, HKS
  • Rohan Mazumdar, GSAS
  • Ronald Quintero
  • Kriste Krstovski, FAS


Building a digital platform to improve teacher development.

  • Benjamin Newmark, MBA ‘16
  • Brad Matthiesen

Baby Talk

A health care program helping parents, especially fathers, to talk and play more with their infants.

  • Joan Jeung, HSPH
  • April Kim, Harvard College


An integrated service improving treatment adherence for hypertension in Nigeria.

  • Kelechi Weze, HSPH
  • Julius Ho, HSPH
  • Kemi Okunade, HSPH


Luxury goods brand that funds and develops modern apprenticeship training for at-risk young adults.

  • Christopher Lawlor, MBA ‘16


Bridges language barriers in medical access for immigrants and international travelers.

  • Akihiko Ito, MBA ‘17
  • Christine Wang, HMS
  • David Ryu
  • Tommy Inouye


A high school case study curriculum to promote skills for future success.

  • Lisa Lee, HGSE


A community of corporations that leverage their corporate assets for public good.

  • David Wanyama Namude, MBA ‘16
  • Jennifer John


A platform to engage patients to mitigate Type 2 diabetes burden in low and middle income countries.

  • Vitor Moutinho, HSPH
  • Shirali Pandya, HSPH
  • Fernando Iunes, HSPH
  • Anshuman Sharma


A redefined urban platform to engage public in socially and economically relevant conversations.

  • Kritika Dhanda, HGSD
  • Raghav Iyengar, MBA ‘17

ecofit - track your carbon footprint, fight climate change

An intelligent carbon footprint tracker app that empowers people to tackle climate change.

  • Simon Black, HKS
  • Shauna Lee, HKS
  • Yan Leng
  • Quinn Lee

Global Connect

The 'Linked-In' of Global Health, Social Entrepreneurship and Humanitarian Action.

  • Trung Nghia Ton, HSPH
  • Leila Roumani, HSPH
  • Valeria Marcias, HMS
  • Elvis Garcia, HSPH

Global Teacher Network

A crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and social networking platform for teachers and philanthropists.

  • Mine Ekinci, HGSE
  • Jacob Ceki Hazan

Happy Farmers

Online farmers market that connect consumers with the best and freshest products.

  • Pitichoke Chulapamornsri, HKS
  • Vipavee Sirivatanaaksorn, HGSD

Healthy Student

Helps Harvard College students be successful by improving use of mental health care.

  • Daniel Cunningham, HKS
  • Cecily Tyler

Hope Forum

Yelp for Parents and Educators - Bring out the Parenting Expert in You.

  • Lan Doan, MBA ‘16
  • Chung Truong, HGSE
  • Anh Le, MBA ‘17


Design Thinking for India's college grads.

  • Anshul Bhagi, MBA ‘17
  • Rajan Patel, HKS


Our platform creates a reliable collaboration between investors and innovative health solutions.

  • Maria Ben Assa, HKS
  • Jack Kleinman
  • Yogev Gradus, HKS
  • Merav Horsandi, HKS
  • Tomer Sharoni, HKS
  • Max Topaz
  • Leah Topaz

Kamer Juice

Locally source and transform fruits into delicious juice drinks in Cameroon.

  • Mepossi Noutcha, MBA ‘17
  • Jacques Takou


Phone-based service allowing community providers to obtain subspecialty advice on their patients.

  • Samantha Rosman, HSPH
  • Joshua Rodriguez-Srednicki, HSPH
  • Joe McQuaid, HSPH
  • Emaad Siddiqui, HKS

Kua African Business Accelerator

Connects underserved African entrepreneurs and experienced coaches to grow exceptional businesses.

  • Adam Stanek, MBA ‘16
  • Karan Shah, MBA ‘16
  • Yannis Sarantis, MBA ‘16
  • Robin Yang, MBA ‘16
  • Jose Arche, MBA ‘16


Provides a safe space for millennial women to meet, share their struggles, and find support.

  • Jessica Kahlenberg, HKS
  • Iva Nikolau

M.A.G.I.C. (Maximizing Achievement for Girls in Careers)

A subscription box for girls of color promoting career awareness, career development, and self-image.

  • Shay N. Johnson, HLS
  • Jenae Moxie, HLS
  • Ke'Andra Levingston, HLS
  • Sheryl Felecia Means

Medical error reporting platform

Platform to universalize the access to report medical errors.

  • Jose Mozo, HSPH


Where learners don’t just share WHAT they’re thinking, they reveal HOW they're thinking.

  • Jim Heal, HGSE
  • Andrew Strope, HGSE
  • Melissa Beck, MBA ‘16

Million Word Challenge

An app that quantifies reading as a way to motivate students to read more.

  • Daniel Dickey, HGSE

Open Lesson Plan Project (OLPP)

Edtech startup that makes lesson planning quicker.

  • Vibin Kundukulam, MBA ‘16
  • Hon Chu, MBA ‘16
  • Lavanya Balasubramani

Parachute Teachers

An online marketplace for substitute teachers.

  • Sarah Cherry Rice, HGSE
  • Jordan Dolman, MBA ‘16


Delivers patient medication to the bedside on the day of discharge.

  • Eugenio Fernandez, HSPH
  • Nicholas Alvey, HMS

Ryan and Robbie

We give voice to the voiceless and help communities thrive via modern education services.

  • Roger Hackett
  • Rahul Singh, HGSE

Smart First Aid

First aid app empowering the general public to provide timely basic emergency medical care in Kenya.

  • Lisa Czanko, HSPH
  • Esther Ndungu
  • Priyanka Joseph, HSPH
  • Madan Somasundaram, MBA ‘17

Taste of Nature

Provide China' smallholder farmers all the support they need to make a living by farming.

  • Chun Zhou, HKS
  • Ke Zheng, HKS
  • Jing Xu
  • Michael Pu
  • Chu Chen
  • Kosi Yankey, HKS
  • Genri Goto, HKS


Telemedicine based high quality, affordable neurological care in underserved areas of Argentina.

  • Veronica Bruno, HSPH
  • Conail Stewart
  • Ismael Calandri
  • Mariana Barrera, HGSD

The Childcare Revolution (Student Daycare)

Affordable and accessible daycare services for graduate students to let them focus on their studies.

  • Dina Buchbinder, HKS
  • Adrian Jinich, GSAS
  • Anthea Kavanagh, HKS

The Craftsmen

A facilitator that converts forest collector economies into craftsmen economies.

  • Aaron Mendonca, HGSD
  • Elena Mechik

the nutrition algorithm

Website that helps you meet your nutrition needs within your budget.

  • Leo Brown, HSPH
  • Namibia Lebron-Torres

Troops to Counselors

Wellness, education, and employment program for Veterans.

  • John Scott, HSPH
  • Andrew Chu, HSPH
  • Jenna Smolar
  • Sarah Toy

Trust Me

An online recruiting platform for sharing economy contractors.

  • Jose Isaac, MBA ‘16


The most trustworthy gateway to improve drug adherence and lead to END of TB.

  • Reina Yamaji, HSPH
  • George Ahye, HMS
  • Jude Beauchamp, HMS


Real-time stress management for healthier employees and workplaces in the developing world.

  • Frederik Petersen, HKS
  • Maria Zammit
  • Alya Al Mulla, HKS
  • Richard Menger, HKS

Vala Collection

Helps emerging artisans and designers get discovered by their future customers.

  • Megan Berry, HGSD

Verum Credit Bureau

Will use non-traditional data to develop credit scores for the underbanked population.

  • Ariela Alpert, HKS


Empowers adolescents to rate and access adolescent-friendly healthcare services.

  • Nazmim Bhuiya, HSPH
  • Angela 'Jackie' Kaslow, HSPH
  • Helen Yueng


An innovative platform that makes impact investing in communities possible for everyday investors.

  • Sarah Tesar, HKS
  • Pitichoke Chulapamornsri, HKS


We address teenage social problems by matching them with young professionals and opportunities.

  • Nkateko Mkhondo, HSPH