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Building Teams

Please link to the NVC_FindATeam.xlsNVC_FindATeam.xls for teams looking for particular skills. If you would like to list your idea and make it publicly available to find team members, please complete this survey. The spreadsheet will be updated weekly. 

While eligible teams require at least one HBS MBA student as part of the founding team, we are firm believers that the best NVC teams are a mixture of skills and backgrounds.  As such, we welcome the collaboration of HBS MBA students with the Harvard community and beyond.   

To meet interested and entrepreneurial-minded people also interested in competing in the Business Track, please join our Facebook page.

The information in these spreadsheets is available solely for connecting individuals to build teams for the New Venture Competition. Use beyond this stated purpose is prohibited.

Previous Business Track Finalists


Tauros Engineering, 2013 Grand Prize & Crowd Favorite Winner

Adrian Ross, MBA ’14; Alison Flatau; David Flatau; Tyler Flatau

Commercializing a revolutionary technology for the detection of bridge scour.

Quickstor, 2013 Runner Up

Rebecca Greene, MBA ’13; Todd Rudnianyn, MBA ’13

A mobile platform for self storage rental that increases lead conversion and value.

Astoria Road

Daniel Bertoli, MBA ’13; Miki Heller, MBA ’13; Muse Bertoli, Jake Heller

The first social wedding registry.

Sensible Baby

Xiaozhou Ju, MBA ’14; Jeffrey Tagen; Jack Sivak; Benjamin Cooper; Tristan Cox; Michael Amaru

Safe and accurate sensor-based technology to monitor babies’ sleeping safety.


Business Track Semi-Finalists



Tim Yi He, MBA ’13; Lynn Chen; Sasha Ablovatskiy; Lane Rettig; Kyle Sun

An innovative crowdfunding platform connecting entrepreneurs with alumni investors.

Booya Fitness

Prita Kumar, MBA ’14; Savannah Sachs,MBA ’14; Khaled Jafar, MBA ’14

An online platform for on-demand fitness videos created by high-end gyms and instructors.


Bastienne Foeller, MBA ’13

Mexican quick-service concept for Europe serving handcrafted Cali-Mex food in a vibrant atmosphere.


Alex Harding, MBA ’14; Rena Xu, MBA’14; Kaitlyn Harfmann; Ting Yu Lai; Adam Lightman; David Narrow; Devin O’Brien-Coon

Our technology prevents thousands of surgical failures and saves hospitals $111M each year.


Megan Fischer, MBA ’14; Lauren Picasso,MBA ’14; Alexandra Daum, MBA ’14; William Bennett, MBA ’14

Effortless, camera-ready makeup in no time.


Matheus Riolfi, MBA ’13; Rodrigo Boscolo; Shirish Nilekar

An interactive planning and booking website for small group trips.


Business Track Participating Teams


the apothecarey shoppe

Sneh Patel, MBA ’14

A vending machine of over the counter products, to be placed in doctor’s offices.


Pedro Noyola, MBA ’13; Chelsea Burkett, MBA ’14

A community marketplace for complementary & alternative medicine.


Cristina Ros,MBA ’15; Jennifer Ross, MBA ’14; Jessica Rzechta, MBA ’14; Christina Kozak, MBA’14

Low-calorie mixer concentrate that added to water makes fresh-flavored cocktails any and every time.

Body Wire

Eric Anderson, MBA ’13; Grant Anderson

Low power, secure, high bandwidth communication for healthcare and wearable computing environments.

Boston Salon

Cy Khormaee, MBA ’13

Curates a network of local professionals and connects them over dinner.


Shana Hoffman, MBA ’14; Arick Morton,MBA ’14; Grant Hamm

Helping family caregivers deliver better, more coordinated care to aging loved ones.

Cashback Makler

Sebastian Legler, MBA ’13

An online insurance broker giving consumers huge savings when buying insurance.


Joe Blair, MBA ’13; Bailey Hardin,MBA ’13; Drew Chandler

The Netflix for baby clothes.


KotaroSasamoto, MBA ’13; Akio Yonekura, MBA ’13; Hiromu Nishiuchi; Daigo Hoshino

Enriches your information consumption online through visualization and analysis of browsing history.

CRA Market

Samson Mesghena, MBA ’14; Christofer Garner

Providing banks with a cloud-based platform to manage their CRA portfolio and trade CRA securities.


Dmitry Kozachenok, MBA ’13; Alex Stimpson; James Webb

We will revolutionize aquaculture industry by developing a technology to cryoopreserve fish eggs.


Iram Rotem, MBA ’13

Connects all your devices to the internet while you are traveling abroad for local rates.


Brandon Scanlon, MBA ’14; Brian Truong; Joaquin Duran

Revolutionary handheld device that empowers physicians to diagnose life-threatening conditions in a fraction of the time.

Dinner at home

Olga Zinovyeva, MBA ’13

Delivers meal solutions to cook at home at pizza delivery speed.


Varun Mehta, MBA ’13; Arthur Josephson; Graham North

Solves the quarter-life crisis: helps folks figure out where life and career are going in a fun way.

DS Labs, Inc

Angela Jillson, MBA ’13; Susan Thompson; Andrew Thompson

To provide mothers with unprecedented freedom, enabling discreet breast pumping anytime, anywhere.


Joe Khoury, MBA ’14; Pramod Chandersekhar

Expedites shopping experience for better informed customers.


Eve Lebwohl, MBA ’13; Graham North; Sam Jacoby

Helps candidates gain professional skills and connect with employers.


Andrew Kaplan, MBA ’13; Justin Oppenheimer, MBA ’13; Dr. Daniel Stein, MBA ’13

Post-hospitalization service that improves outcomes, saves lives, and reduces costs.

Equity Endeavor

Eric Sonnier, MBA ’14; Broderick McClinton, MBA ’14

Equity-based crowdfunding platform focused outside of major entrepreneurial hubs.


Jillian Dorans, MBA ’13; Nicholas Freund, MBA ’13

Makes travel for small and medium-sized businesses more seamless and cost-effective.

Fairweather Chef

Kelly Schaefer, MBA ’14; Heidi Kim,MBA ’14; Sean Liu, MBA ’14

Partners with companies to offer employees fresh, healthy, prepped meal kits for easy home cooking.


Christina Pawlikowski, MBA ’14; Josh Hawn

Helping small businesses compete for federal contracts.


Jacob Montoya, MBA ’13; Andrew Montoya

Provides online tools enabling personal fitness trainers to be more effective at motivating clients.


Clifton Dawson, MBA ’13

Easily find & book appointments with fitness experts. Avoid the gym or searching endless online ads.

Flato, Friedman.

Claire Friedman, MBA ’14; Rebecca Flato

Designs and manufactures apparel for women, to be sold through online channels.

Foresight Pharamceuticals

Dr. Arjun Goyal, MBA ’14; Louis Levy,MBA ’14

Taking Australian & French medical research to the World.

Gelato a Jozi

Maria Makhabane, MBA ’14; Puleng Pitso

A chain of pop-up, ice cream kiosks in South Africa for on-the-go indulgence consumption.


Doruk Kurt, MBA ’14

Innovative online platform providing assessment & development tools in affordable, simple, fun ways.


Bryan Mezue, MBA ’13; David Katz, MBA ’13

Facilitates one-to-one conversations on business intelligence and/or professional development.

Good Boy Laboratories

James Joseph Goodell, MBA ’14; Shray Chandra, MBA ’14

Empowers users with a better way to manage laptop battery life.


Simone Bartlett, MBA ’13; Oluwakorinola Gbadebo-Smith, MBA ’13

We are building the Zara of Nigeria!


Andreea Akerele, MBA ’13; Neda Navab, MBA ’13<

Brings hotel-style luxury to urban professionals, ensuring regular upkeep of clients’ apartments. 


Shereen Khanuja, MBA ’13; Stephanie Frias, MBA ’13<

Online marketplace to discover, engage with, and hire a variety of entertainment talent. 


Marc Cussenot, MBA ’14; Louis Levy, MBA ’14

Order and prepay your lunch online, to enjoy a real break in a restaurant in 30 minutes!


Ed Hsieh, MBA ’13; Glenn Thrope, MBA ’13

Effortlessly discover beautiful images on any device.


Jan Dolezal, MBA ’13; Petr Kotal

A platform that helps startups with global product expand internationally faster.


Roderick Roberts, MBA ’14; Greg Ayres, MBA ’13; Kent Wills; Michael Markham

Streamlines shareholder perk redemptions for intelligent investors.


Steven Hale, MBA ’13; Justin Ekins, MBA ’13; Ciaran Hannigan

Simplifies your finances by merging electronic and paper receipts and personal budgets into one mobile app.


Jinfeng Huang, MBA ’13; Mike Liu, MBA’14; Michael Chen, MBA ’13

Affordable luxury men garment brand focusing on shirts in China using e-commerce & flagship stores.


Shunde Tu, MBA ’13; Chen Yuan;Disheng Lin; Tim Souris; Wenting Guo; Alan Ho

Audible pictures, combining artsy gif images with voice/sound to express yourself.

LightLibrary, Inc.

Paul Lukehart, MBA ’13; Dan Oliver, MBA ’13; Kurtis Ras

Allows readers to get discounted digital versions of their favorite hard copy books.


Sidhartha Palani, MBA ’13; Nikhil Sachdev, MBA ’13

Mobile Smartphone app to address medication nonadherence.


Vivekdeep Gupta, MBA ’14; Shray Chandra, MBA ’14; Rama Chanani, MBA ’14; Sameer Kalwani, MBA ’14

A Service that makes working lunches for time constrained professionals, accessible, simple and speedy.


Olga Kotsur, MBA ’14; Abhishek Pitti,MBA ’14

B2B mobile solution for offline fashion retailers that helps to improve in-store sales.

Mr. Fitzroy Toy Delivery

Stefanie Botelho, MBA ’13; Rachna Tiwari; Renee Jackson

Connects independent toy makers directly to retailers and consumers.


Kavikrut, MBA ’13; Anand Dureja, MBA’13; Shruti Dube, MBA ’13

Enables sourcing, distribution,measurement and payment for crowd-based outdoor advertising.


Yeshanth Gunewardena, MBA ’14

A job-search tool that scans across social networks/university directories for contacts to companies. 

The New Academy

T.T. Nguyen Duc, MBA ’13

Democratizing college choice for students around the world via a self-managed high school program.

Nuj Analytics

Rob Koenig,MBA ’13; Arjun Manrai; Alvin Yu

SaaS that uses peer comparisons to motivate clinicians at ACOs to practice medicine more efficiently.


Manu Lakkur, MBA ’13; Devin Finzer

Self administered eyeglass prescriptions. From your smartphone.

OmniSom Solutions

Ananth Sridhar, MBA ’14; Christopher Lee; Dana Schultz; David Shin; Michelle Zwernemann

Our 100-character description: The Lyra At-Home PSG transforms patients’ homes into remote sleep clinics addressing sleep apnea under diagnosis.

one, two, three, twirl

nna Clauss, MBA ’14

The Pandora for dresses - helping women find the perfect dress they didn’t even know existed. A


Liza Yermakova, MBA ’14; Momchil Filev, MBA ’14

Online ad performance optimization.


Josh Harder, MBA ’14; Surat Teerapittayanon; Ryan Borker

Provides diners discounts for ordering at off-peak times, helping restaurants provide better service.


Eric Chernoff, MBA ’13; Alex Gessner

Crowdsource platform in which our community competes to spread a company’s message.


Levi Belnap, MBA ’13; Alex Pak, MBA’13; Ben Morrise

Helps employees find and share information from across their cloud accounts.


Lisa Plimpton, MBA ’13; Andrew Stein,MBA ’13; Erik Sparks, MBA ’13

Empowers patients to be more engaged in their health by delivering diagnostic blood tests to the patient’s home.

The Powder Room

Alexandria DeVito, MBA ’13; Kara Scarbrough, MBA ’13

A monthly subscription service providing everything a woman needs to handle her period.

Revealed Insights

Michael Schmidt, MBA ’14; Kelly O’Neil, MBA ’14; Slater Victoroff

Provides an innovative technology to identify causes of low employee engagement.


Andrew Haller, MBA ’14; Jonathan Lee, MBA ’14; Juan Leung Li, MBA ’14; Stuart Smith

A community marketplace where musical artists and fans connect to book private concerts in unique places.

Santa Maria Ventures

Ned Young, MBA ’13; Jim Wallingford; Bob Aspell

A service focused on supporting international entrepreneurs starting businesses in the US.

Saty Princezna (Dress Princess)

Jan Dolezal, MBA ’13; Xiaoning Cheng

A disruption of European wedding dress industry to fulfill dreams of lower-income brides.

Scarecrow Visual Effects

Rohin Aggarwal, MBA ’13

Provides visual effects services globally via the cloud.

Serrated Spoon

Gabriel Parisi-Amon, MBA ’13; Kate Mandel, MBA ’13; Sam Alberts

Sells pro-caliber cookware at consumer-friendly prices.


Aditya Shukla, MBA ’13; Rachna Bahadur

A subscription service of curated healthy snack boxes for corporate executives in India.


Justin Zaghi, MBA ’14; Kiran Agarwal-Harding; Andrew Deagon

Cleans stethoscopes with just a quick swipe through our device.

Studio Dental

Lowell Caulder, MBA ’14; Dr. Sara Creighton

Delivers dental services to people at work via patient-centric office on wheels.


David Mou, MBA ’14; Michael Batista; Anmol Chopra

Providing one time in-clinic treatment to millions of hypertensive patients who have no other option.


Will Dinkel, MBA ’13; Bryan Pirtle

Makes finding files and sending emails to contact groups easy on mobile.


Kelly Schaefer, MBA ’14; John Coombe

Provides access to luxury watches through a rent-to-own rotational membership program.


Phyl Georgiou, MBA ’13; Michael Tomkins, MBA ’14; Olexa Hewryk; Tina Nguyen

Toys that interact with tablets to protect the physical elements of early childhood learning.


Eric Lonstein, MBA ’14; Osman Ahmed Osman, MBA ’14; Frank Chen

Provides a social platform for consumers to arrive at retail purchasing decisions faster.

TM3 Systems

Nate Lowery, MBA ’13

Smart, mobile microgrids for remote power applications.


Okalo Ikhena, MBA ’14; Patrick Xu; Katherine Dai; Derek Di Nardo

Journal application that harnesses the experiences of others to guide you on your journey.


Dawn Zhang, MBA ’13; Ling Fan; Alan Phoon

Makes event-going social and event-discovery effective.


Andrei Brasoveanu, MBA ’14; Teddie Wardi, MBA ’14

Unlocks the enigma of customer behavior for brick and mortar retailers.


Angela Wise, MBA ’13; Kat Yeh, MBA ’13

Arms sales associates with the tools to be successful in an omnichannel world.


Minh Bui, MBA ’14; Jasmine Huynh; Dev Goyal

Making outsourcing of tasks easier by bringing clients and service providers together.

Whats On Tonight?

Atulya Mittal, MBA ’13; Jose Agote, MBA ’13

A tool to facilitate social planning with our online networks in a low-touch, hassle free way.


Nadav Benbarak, MBA ’13

A revolutionary custom-fit CPAP mask for sleep apnea patients which improves treatment compliance and health outcomes.


Yeunbee Jeanette Park, MBA ’13

Enables users viewing the same url and sharing similar browsing histories to meet each other.