2016 Semifinalists

Andon Analytics

Andon Analytics monitors how manufacturing lines are operating, providing real-time analytics and insights with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Tim Massey, MBA 2016
  • Meaghan Fitzgerald, MBA 2016


Atemp.Today is a digital labor market and liquid workforce solution

  • Rahkeem Morris, MBA 2017
  • Michael Chalhoub, MBA 2017
  • Charles Liu


Content discovery and recommendation engine for video game live streams.

  • Joe Kieman, MBA 2017

Interval Lab

@Interval Lab is enabling the workforce of the future, starting with parental leave management for companies & employees.

  • Angela Winkle, MBA 2016
  • Monica Varman, MBA 2016


The world's first luxury, heated smart-boots.

  • Katie Lefkowitz, MBA 2016
  • Sheldon Lefkowitz


Magpie is a more natural way to shop. It allows users to buy products on any site, publishers to monetize content, and brands to grow sales.

  • Damjan Korac, MBA 2017
  • Gerrit Orem, MBA 2017
  • Andrea Fantacone, MBA 2017


RobinHealth is a mobile first pharmacy providing in-app chat with pharmacists and on-demand delivery.

  • Kevin Holub, MBA 2016

the Salad Bar

A new, veggie-based nutrition bar to help you eat better while on-the-go.

  • Eleanor Foote, MBA 2016
  • Kevin Fitzgerald, MBA 2016
  • Emily Schofield, MBA 2016


uSound is smart audio system that converts a Smartphone into a hearing assistant device (hearing aid).

  • Sebastian Fama, MBA 2016
  • Ezequiel Escobar
  • Alex Mendez

Zinc Platform

An API to allow online merchants to seamlessly offer warranty insurance for goods and installment services.

  • Rafael Telahun, MBA 2017
  • Sam Li, MBA 2017

2016 Participating Teams


Extending Shelf-life & Minimizing Contamination of Platelets

  • Keyvan Mirsaeedi-Farahani, MBA 2016
  • Daniel Schneeberger, MBA 2016

ABA Fuel

ABA Fuel is an innovative MIT power generation tech, 20 times as energy dense as Li-Ion-an Ideal range extender/replacement for batteries

  • Uri Pelli, MBA 2016
  • Jonathan Slocum
  • Douglas Hart


Novel online education platform and algorithm to advance medical education

  • Gregory Leya, MBA 2017
  • Jonathan Kim
  • Gordon Bae
  • Alex Ryu


Adianta provides financing to Brazil’s underbanked SMEs through online receivables factoring services that are both fairly priced and transparent.

  • Caspar Gerleve, MBA 2017
  • David Pares, MBA 2017

AI GeoPredict

AI GeoPredict's proprietary technology leverages machine learning to analyze geological data and generate recommendation for clients.

  • Anna Koscielecka, MBA 2016
  • Elezhan Zhakiya
  • Nikhil Shinday


Fresh craft beers delivered from breweries to your doorsteps.

  • Ni Xu, MBA 2017
  • Kunal Rai, MBA 2017


Ami provides personalized dietary supplement recommendations and lifestyle tips to health conscious consumers

  • Yi Cai, MBA 2017
  • Beijun Luo, MBA 2017

Analytical Space

Analytical’s optical data-relay satellites will help operators get more of their data to the ground at speeds and costs comparable to LTE.

  • Justin Matthew Oliveira, MBA 2017
  • A.Z. Husseini
  • Sunil Chintalapati
  • Greg Prince
  • Weston Marlow
  • Adam Gierisch


No more tradeoff between health and career! BonAp is an online food delivery service offering “wellbeing meals” to eat at the office.

  • Philippe Brunet, MBA 2016
  • Renee Wurth


CareerVyu is an online platform that provides insights to various career paths

  • Tetiana Petruk, MBA 2017
  • Marcia Soviak, Harvard


A payments platform designed to lower the barriers to monetizing the internet.

  • David Froot, MBA 2017


The comment section to the world's biggest events and communities - using only memes.

  • Andrew Hsu, MBA 2016
  • Anthony Arendt, HKS
  • Max McCord
  • Yoshiya Miyata


ClimaCell creates the world’s most accurate weather data using the power of cellular networks.

  • Shimon Elkabetz, MBA 2017
  • Rei Goffer
  • Itai Zlotnik
  • Prof. Hagit Messer

Deep Health

Deep learning algorithms to help Radiologists interpret mammograms more quickly and accurately.

  • Austin Walters, MBA 2016
  • Bill Lotter


Need a getaway? Find your ideal trip here - skiing, cultural, historic, adventurous or family friendly - based on your current location.

  • Brenna Davis, MBA 2017

Energy Gummies

Energy Gummies provide a jolt of delicious energy in a convenient individual serving pack!

  • Emily Schofield, MBA 2016

EZ Menu

EZ Menu transform take-out dining experience by making it easy and quick to place and pay for an order

  • Bulat Gainullin, MBA 2016


Fervrr is a new custom fashion company that provides perfect fitting, personalized, high-fashion designs quickly and affordably, unlike traditional bespoke shops and retailers.

  • Shemeka Neville, MBA 2016


Easy mobile first accounting and book keeping service

  • Palak Dalal, MBA 2017


We are aiming to save millions of lives annually with a treatment for sepsis that confers 100% survival in an otherwise lethal animal model.

  • Anne-Marie Schoonbeek, MBA 2017
  • Daniel Kohane
  • Brian McAlvin
  • Brian Timko


Frux is your automatic investment advisor for Latin Americans: simple, personal and affordable

  • Sebastian Parot, MBA 2016
  • Juan Muxi, MBA 2016


HealthAnchor helps you make informed decisions by providing actionable health advice and evidence-based health product recommendations.

  • Liza Yermakova, MBA 2016


HealthWiz connects users with a personalized one-stop-shop of the best online resources across each step of the healthcare research journey

  • Anton Nathan Maslak, MBA 2016
  • Nate Fox

Herald Health

Herald is on a mission to make healthcare safer by offering clinicians real¬time access to clinical data exactly when and how they want it.

  • Brad Diephuis, MBA 2016
  • Matt Fujisawa
  • Craig Monsen
  • Andrew Hillis

Hibiscus Contract Manufacturing Co.

Contract Manufacturing for FMCG in Sub Sahara Africa

  • Olufunke Faweya, MBA 2017


Developing a global education platform

  • Rishek Alag, MBA 2016

IntelliPanel Medical

Peripheral blood based objective measure of glioblastoma multiforme (GBM)

  • Keyvan Mirsaeedi-Farahani, MBA 2016
  • Joshua Warren
  • Richard McCloskey
  • Mateusz Koptyra


Drybar for multicultural women

  • Julisa Salas, MBA 2016


Slide production made easy using natural language recognition

  • Ollie Wilson, MBA 2017
  • Andrew Fu, MBA 2017


We take care of all the details for your perfect night out

  • Evan Halikias, MBA 2016
  • Tausif Ahmed, MBA 2016
  • Gerrel Olivier
  • Sam Wagner

Make A Lunch

Make a Lunch is a subscription-based e-commerce that offers boxes with ingredients and recipes for easy-to-prepare healthy children’s lunches

  • David Dana, MBA 2017

Mia Pielle

Redefining the color nude in fashion to match the diversity of women’s skin.

  • Nancy Madrid, MBA 2016
  • Atima Lui, MBA 2016


MindBamboo is the #1 solution for mothers with postpartum depression - mobile-first intervention focused on efficacy, empathy & convenience

  • Lisa Rotenstein, MBA 2017
  • Jeremy Au


The Fitness Hub in China

  • Carmen Li, MBA 2016
  • Joey Rocks

New Retail Technologies (NRT)

New Retail Technologies transforms the grocery shopping experience helping shoppers save time and money

  • Bulat Gainullin, MBA 2016

Outdoor Pass

Outdoor Pass inspires & enables people to lead more active lives outdoors by helping customers discover & do outdoor activities with friends.

  • Jean Luo, MBA 2017


Share user-generated GIF, video and photo in private & public channels

  • Suleyman Onay, MBA 2016
  • Ilker Delen
  • Ediz Demiralp


Pickup your e-commerce order from the store next door - a win win case for retailers, customers and delivery providers

  • Peter Gerckens, MBA 2017
  • Maximilian Schaefer, MBA 2017


Phosify is a marketplace for mental fitness.

  • Andrea Coravos, MBA 2017


Pillo is the future of in-home healthcare: an intelligent healthcare robot companion that provides automated peace of mind to your family.

  • Aiden Feng, MBA 2016
  • Emanuele Musini
  • James Wyman


RAW IS EVERYTHING is a line of unisex luxury facial oils containing hundreds of bioactive phytonutrients for transformational results.

  • Jessica Assaf, MBA 2016
  • Enke Bashllari
  • Katie Power
  • Jessica Reed


RentalHub is a b2b rental marketplace for trucks and heavy machinery (peer-to-peer)

  • Itamar Zur, MBA 2017


Apartment-hunting is terrible. Rentbrite is making the tools real estate agents need to fix that.

  • Brandon Paquette, MBA 2016


Inventory Management System for SMB

  • Lucy Wang, MBA 2017
  • Lei Du


Hyper fast user interfaces and data integration for enterprise applications.

  • Michael Yaroshefsky, MBA 2017

Salient ENT

Salient ENT delivers more effective and longer-lasting treatment options for patients suffering from chronic sinusitis.

  • Mike Monovoukas, MBA 2017
  • Demetri Monovoukas
  • Scott Stanley
  • Lizzie Lebling
  • Amal Alam
  • Emily Eggert


Satoru transforms trade credit risk management through data transparency and empowers businesses with deserved new financing opportunities.

  • Dmitry Zhdankin, MBA 2017
  • Armand Mignot, MBA 2017


Spe thinks for itself. Better outcomes. Lower costs. Happy doctors.

  • Luke Kelley-Chew, MBA 2016


Stylio is an app that allows people to create a digital closet and get customized outfit recommendations for effortless style, everyday.

  • Kenny Stone, MBA 2017
  • Felicia Joy


TBDee is the new way to discover, research and book travel – designed to fit the way YOU want to discover and make decisions.

  • Ian Wang, MBA 2016
  • Steve Hind, MBA 2016
  • Daniel Danilatos

Tierra Madre

Unprocessed snacks for babies and young children based on traditional Mexican fruits & vegetables

  • Rosalino Molina, MBA 2017


Upgrade is a premium chain of salons that provides hair extension services.

  • Britney Winters, MBA 2016
  • Totteanna Sowels
  • Kate Titova, MBA 2016
  • Olamide Oladipo, MBA 2016


Luxury rides between cities under 300 miles. With unlimited internet, LCD Display, Netflix & Hulu, drinks & food, it’s like you never left home.

  • Matthew Graham, MBA 2017


Podcasting newspapers

  • Benjamin Luxenberg, MBA 2017


Shining a Spotlight on Women Entrepreneurs

  • Lisa Marrone, MBA 2017


compete. win. make money!

  • Dino Bilankov, MBA 2017


Online marketplace for the modern day East African woman

  • Eden Zeilo, MBA 2016