The Business Track of the New Venture Competition provides a unique opportunity for students to put entrepreneurship principles into practice with an integrative learning experience. Whether you are a winner of prizes, go on to implement your proposed new venture idea, or simply take advantage of the learning and apply it later in your career, we guarantee the Competition will be an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience. We look forward to understanding more about your idea, hearing your pitch, and providing you with some valuable feedback along the way.


Key Steps

  1. Register. Submit an entry form to enter in the competition.
  2. COMMIT. Submit the Intent to Present form by March 25 at 12:00pm.
  3. DELIVER YOUR EXECUTIVE SUMMARY & SLIDE DECK to Rock 107 by April 3 at 12:00pm. 10 copies of your Executive Summary (max 3 pages), and 1 copy of your pitch deck. Don’t forget your cover sheet!
  4. Pitch your plan. Seize the unique opportunity to gain invaluable feedback, exposure, and experience while having fun. All teams have the chance to present on Super Saturday. Ten semi-finalists will be chosen to compete in the next round.
  5. Attend the finale. Finalists present to a panel of judges on April 29th, 2014 when a winner and runner-up will be selected.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines

    • 30 Oct 2014
    • Business Track
    • Event

    Business Track Kick-off and Mixer

    6:00 - 8:00pm, Batten Hall, Hive 204

    Join us as we begin the NVC journey and learn about all the stops along the way:  Kickoff, Mixers, Early Stage Feedback, Legal Workshops, Baker Bootcamp, Reimbursement Fund, Super Saturday…just to name a few!

    Then have your chance to find the yin to your yang.  The peanut butter to your jelly.  Yes, that’s right, it’s time to mix it up and start building your team for NVC!  Everyone will be in attendance, HBS students, our Harvard friends from all over the Cambridge and Boston community, as well as the local start-up community.  Will you???

    Please RSVP here.   

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

How significant of a role does an HBS student have to play in the company?

The HBS student must play a primary role in the business. They should either be a part of the founding team, a primary contributor, or a significant equity holder if equity has been distributed.

Are there fast track opportunities?

Yes, if you participate in the New Venture Competition you’ll have access to a number of fast track opportunities including, Mass Challenge, the Business Model Competition, and

If I compete/am a winner in the New Venture Competition, can I also participate in other Rock Programs and Harvard Competitions?

Yes, as long as you are not a winner or runner up in the New Venture Competition. If you are a grand prize or runner-up winner, you may not submit the same idea for a Rock Summer Fellowship or for the Rock Accelerator award. You may compete in other Harvard Competitions.

What types of expenses are eligible through the Rock Center Experimentation Fund?

The Competition offers the opportunity for teams to obtain reimbursement for up to $1,000 of eligible expenses that were incurred in the course of developing and running experiments for all new ventures (download the Business Track Experimentation Fund Form). This reimbursement is available only to HBS students for the Business Track and eligible Harvard students for the Social Enterprise Track who have registered for the Competition by the February 5, 2014, 12:00 noon deadline.

Eligible expenses include: market research, hosting services for running a beta version of a website, software tools and development required to build a website or build other aspects of the product/service, or other expenses related to testing or validation of core assumptions. Payments to others for services required to conduct early development and testing (i.e., legal, accounting, etc.) are also approved as long as the individuals providing the services are not relatives, the services are purchased at fair market value and a receipt for your payment has been issued. General legal services only considered viable if considered critical for experimentation.

The following expenses are NOT eligible: travel, meals, photocopying, entertainment, survey/focus group/etc. incentives to a third party (such as gift cards or cash), or hardware or electronic items for team members. Also note that we will not reimburse for color copies of your plan, so we recommend making black & white copies.

Are there limitations on the amount of seed capital raised or revenue generated?

Yes, there is a $1,500,000 limit in capital raised and a $2,000,000 limit in revenue.

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