Why do you do what you do?

What was the secret to success as a woman on Wall Street in the 1970s? One promising managing director-track VP left the office on Thursday night to give birth and returned to work on Monday morning.

Junior women did not talk about work/life balance then. Perhaps no one did. There were few female colleagues, fewer female role models, and no female mentors.

When I started working with the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) in 2005, I realized that similar career issues confronted women in the arts, in history and today. I was appalled to learn that the seminal art history reference book I had studied from, Janson's History of Art, had not contained the name of a single woman artist. Not until the Sixth Edition was published, in 1986.

So I work with NMWA to write women back into the art history books, and to display their works on the walls of museums, where their artwork and their accomplishments can be recognized.

There are, and have been, women trailblazers and role models in the arts and in every other career, forging new paths.

Let's write them into the record.

— Sarah Bucknell Treco

Photography by Richard Howard