Why do you do what you do?

I am from a small southwest Louisiana town and grew up with ten siblings. My dad was a major source of inspiration and strength for me.

My sense of myself was forged in my extended family.

Did I think I would go to HBS when I was eight years old and lost my mom to breast cancer? Not really. But education was definitely emphasized by my dad as a vehicle to growth and expanding my horizons.

I got a BS in Mathematics and then worked in computer programming before managing the computer facility at a major company. That sounds like an easy thing now – but imagine being a female in 1971 and thinking "I can do that!"

My goal was to lead a meaning-filled life.

My HBS MBA led to a real estate opportunity in Houston which led to another opportunity which led to me starting my own successful company. I have married and had two wonderful children. I have great clients. I am still close with my family.

I love my life and I do what I do...because I can! No Mt. Everest, no CEO spot, just life!

— Margaret Regan

Photography by Fletcher Thorne-Thomsen, Jr.