The Allies is a group of straight supporters, comprised of HBS students and partners.  We work towards creating a supportive environment for our LGBTQ colleagues on campus, specifically by engaging straight people.  Through educational, social and professional events, we hope to develop students' understanding of LGBTQ issues.  We are an independent club so as not to dilute the LGBTSA membership but rather to send a strong signal that HBS is an includive place and to spotlight opportunities for straight supporters to make a difference.

We believe that a greater understanding of these issues will benefit students who intend to become business leaders operating in an increasingly diverse world.  We believe this mission is consistent with HBS's stated Community Values.  Broadly, we seek to honor the differences in sexual orientations and gender identities on our campus, and to celebrate diversity among us all.

Annual Events

  • National Coming Out Day Celebration
  • RC Educational Presentations
  • 80s Party (Co-hosted with LGBTSA)
  • Professional Diversity Development Opportunities

Club Email Address

Club Officers

Mailing Address

Student Clubs of HBS, Inc. - Allies Club
Harvard Business School
117 Western Ave.
Boston, MA 02163