For verification of MBA degrees or current attendance in the MBA Program:

You may request MBA verification by e-mail. Please provide your name and contact information, the full name of the alumnus/a to be verified, and his or her year of graduation, if available. Verifications are usually returned within one business day. (We will also accept verification requests via fax if necessary, but e-mail is strongly preferred.)

Contact Information
Fax 617.496.3955

Harvard Business School
MBA Registrar Services
Spangler Center 2nd Floor
Soldiers Field
Boston, MA 02163


Non-MBA Program Verifications

To verify Harvard Business School Executive Education Certificate Program attendance (AMP, OPM, PMD, etc.) please contact Harvard Business School Executive Education at 617.495.6555 or e-mail

To verify Harvard Business School's Doctor of Business Administration degree (DBA) please contact the Doctoral Program Office at 617.495.6101, or e-mail