MBA Program dates and term schedules may be found on our 2013-2014 Combined Academic Calendar.*

Please note that the MBA Academic calendar above is divided in two, representing the schedule for each of the two years of the MBA Program. The first year, or Required Curriculum (RC), is on the left. The second year, Elective Curriculum (EC), is used for cross-registrants and is shown on the right.

Harvard Business School offices are open year round, except for school recesses and certain holidays noted in italics below.

Some important dates in the MBA Program during the 2013-2014 Academic Year:

2013 2014
27-28 AUG RC START and Registration 04 JAN RC Term 2 begins
28 AUG Cross-Registration petitions accepted for EC Fall Term 20 JAN Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
29 AUG RC Fall Term begins 27 JAN

EC Winter Term begins

02 SEP Labor Day 29 JAN Cross-Registration petitions accepted for EC Winter Term
03 SEP EC Fall Welcome Day 17 FEB Presidents' Day
04 SEP EC Fall Term begins 17-21 MAR RC and EC Spring Break
14 OCT Columbus Day 21 APR Patriots' Day (RC classes held; no EC classes)
11 NOV Veterans' Day 02-08 MAY EC Final Exams
27‑29 NOV Thanksgiving Recess 05; 12; 16‑21 RC Final Exams
06; 09; 13-17 DEC RC Final Exams 26 MAY Memorial Day
13-19 DEC EC Final Exams 28 MAY Class Day (HBS Class of 2014 activities on campus)
18 DEC-
03 JAN 2013
Winter Recess 29 MAY Harvard University Commencement

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