An endowment to fund a number of Junior Achievement Fellowships at Harvard Business School was established by Royal Little, former Chairman of Textron, Inc.; the late James E. Robison, former head of Indian Head, Inc.; and the late Lawrence Fouraker, Dean of the School from 1970 to 1980.

Junior Achievement Fellowships are significant financial awards, ranging from $5-6,500 in recent years. Fellowships are awarded annually, and current recipients must re-apply for the fellowship for the following academic year. You can be considered for a Junior Achievement Fellowship if you have at least two years experience in Junior Achievement, whether you participated as a mentor in high school or as an advisor in or after college.

Financial need is not a prerequisite for this fellowship, although the selection committee may consider it as one of several factors. The committee is primarily interested in the quality of your Junior Achievement experiences, your contributions to the program, and how the program has affected your personal and professional development.