We complement the HBS Fellowship Program with a variety of fellowship options suited to different student backgrounds and interests.

Open to students planning science-related careers:

The Robert S. Kaplan (MBA 1983) Life Sciences Fellowship
HBS awards $20,000 each to ten incoming MBA students at the time of admission who present outstanding credentials from disciplines in the life sciences. Credentials may include academic achievements, recognition from outside organizations and professional accomplishments. Preference will be given to students who are planning careers in science-related businesses or organizations. The awards are for the first year only. The Kaplan fellowship does not affect eligibility for need-based HBS Fellowships.

This fellowship was created in 2008 by Robert S. Kaplan, MBA 1983, to encourage students with life sciences backgrounds and career interests to attend HBS. Robert S. Kaplan currently serves as Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School and Senior Director of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

Open to students demonstrating non-profit leadership:

Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship
Awards of approximately $10,000 are given to 7-10 first-year MBA students who have exhibited leadership and an extraordinary commitment to working in the nonprofit sector. This fellowship is given in addition to any need-based fellowship awards and is available in the first year only.

This fellowship was created in 1988 by the Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation and Richard L. Menschel, MBA 1959, to encourage students from the nonprofit sector to pursue an MBA at HBS. Mr. Menschel, a former director of the Foundation and Limited Partner, Goldman Sachs, was an early supporter of the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative and serves on the Advisory Board. Recipients are invited to participate in events with current and former recipients, as well as local nonprofit leaders, in an effort to create a network of individuals committed to working in the sector. More than 100 students have received this award since its inception.

Recipients of this award have served in full-time leadership roles in the nonprofit sector prior to enrolling at HBS and demonstrate a strong commitment to a career in the sector.

Open to Canadian MBA students:

John H. McArthur Canadian Fellowship
The John H. McArthur Canadian Fellowship is named in honor of the former dean of Harvard Business School, a British Columbia native. This Fellowship is funded by the generous support of several Canadian alumni to attract high potential individuals from all regions of Canada for the School's MBA program.

Amount of Award
$10,000 per year

Open to students with Junior Achievement experience:

Junior Achievement Fellowship
An endowment to fund a number of Junior Achievement Fellowships at Harvard Business School was established by Royal Little, former Chairman of Textron, Inc.; the late James E. Robison, former head of Indian Head, Inc.; and the late Lawrence Fouraker, Dean of the School from 1970 to 1980.

Junior Achievement Fellowships are significant financial awards, ranging from $5-6,500 in recent years. Fellowships are awarded annually, and current recipients must re-apply for the fellowship for the following academic year. You can be considered for a Junior Achievement Fellowship if you have at least two years experience in Junior Achievement, whether you participated as a mentor in high school or as an advisor in or after college.

Financial need is not a prerequisite for this fellowship, although the selection committee may consider it as one of several factors. The committee is primarily interested in the quality of your Junior Achievement experiences, your contributions to the program, and how the program has affected your personal and professional development.