To help you understand the costs associated with your education, the MBA student budget for the class entering in 2014 for Terms I and II is outlined below. While living expenses vary from student to student, the Financial Aid and Fellowship Board uses the standard student budget in determining financial aid awards. This budget assumes a moderate student lifestyle. While the standard budget does not include the cost of a personal computer required for the MBA Program, you may finance your computer purchase with a loan.

MBA Class of 2016 Student Budget

  Single Married/DP Married/DP
with One Child
with Two Children
Tuition $58,875 $58,875 $58,875 $58,875
HUSHP Student Health Fee $992 $992 $992 $992
HUSHP Student Health Insurance Plan $2,366 $2,366 $2,366 $2,366
HUSHP for Student Spouses / Dependents $0 $5,338 $8,140 $9,550
Program Support Fee (covers books, cases, web-based course materials, and other materials / support for courses, including field)
$7,360 $7,360 $7,360 $7,360
Room & Utilities (9 months) $11,544
$18,383 ($2,043/mo) $22,810 ($2,534/mo) $22,810 ($2,534/mo)
Board, Personal, Other (9 months) $13,963 ($1,551/mo) $17,586 ($1,954/mo) $22,557 ($2,511/mo) $29,147 ($3,243/mo)
Total $95,100 $110,900 $123,100 $131,100

Please note that eligibility for Federal student aid is based on the single student budget.