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Hard to believe August is here. I hope you’ve had a great few months. We’ve been on the road meeting many of you in cities all over the world, and we love it. For those of you applying in Round 1, good luck as you pull things together ahead of the September 6 deadline.

Can I offer you two words of advice? Be genuine. 

I know you’ve heard this before. Let me explain what I mean: I felt a need when I was in your shoes to write, edit, rewrite, edit, rewrite, edit…you get the picture. In doing so, there was a temptation to “gloss over” what I thought would be the weaker parts of my application and to portray everything in the most positive light.

Yes, we want you to put your best foot forward, but be careful not to be so “polished” that we can’t get to know the real you. 

It’s OK to mention setbacks or regrets as well as lessons learned and personal triumphs. And it’s OK to be conversational as you write! Just be genuine so we can get to know the real you. Since we are crafting a Class, that’s your best strategy for moving on to the interview stage.

http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Aug01303 http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Aug01303
<![CDATA[Financial Aid: Introducing the Forward Fellowship]]> Tue, 18 Jul 2017 22:00:00 EST

I’m honored to announce a new fellowship opportunity for students coming to HBS. The Forward Fellowship will help support students from lower-income backgrounds—and let us better recognize how far they’ve come.  

We remain committed to merit-based admissions and need-based financial aid because we need diversity of thought, experiences, and backgrounds in our classes to make our learning model work.  

Students selected for the Forward Fellowship are eligible for awards ranging from $10,000–20,000 per year, above and beyond any HBS Need-Based Fellowships they receive. You can learn more about the Forward Fellowship here and in this blog post from Taniel Chan, a recent alumnus. 

http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Jul18302 http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Jul18302
<![CDATA[MS/MBA – Big news!]]> Tue, 13 Jun 2017 11:00:00 EST

Beginning in August of 2018, HBS and the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) will offer a new joint master's degree program.

The application is live now! We expect the first cohort to be ~30 students.

To learn more, visit the MS/MBA website. I would also recommend checking out the MBA Voices Blog to hear why recent graduate Damjan Korac would have applied to the program. 

http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Jun13301 http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Jun13301
<![CDATA[Class of 2019 – Preliminary Profile]]> Thu, 8 Jun 2017 06:00:00 EST

Here’s a preliminary look at the incoming Class. So hard to capture the talent and diversity of perspectives in this group. They are amazing!

We’ll post a final look at the matriculating Class in late August.

http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Jun08300 http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/Pages/from-the-admissions-director.aspx?showall=1#Jun08300