Thank you to our Peek Weekend 2016 participants. We will be updating this information with Peek Weekend 2017 details this fall.

Weekend Overview

HBS Peek Weekend is an educational experience designed for college students to increase their knowledge and insight into the MBA degree.

Peek Weekend will help participants develop a broader understanding of the challenges leaders face, the many dimensions inherent in the business world, and the impact participants can have on their community and the world through organizational leadership.

Using the renowned case method of instruction, HBS faculty will lead class discussions on current management challenges and opportunities. Participants will spend evenings analyzing real-business cases, and use morning study groups and classes to examine and debate their ideas through lively interaction with peers and faculty. This is the life of an MBA student at HBS. The classroom experience will be supplemented by sessions with HBS staff, students, and alumni. 


Peek participants will learn from the same faculty who teach MBA courses at HBS. Our faculty are internationally recognized for pioneering research and contributions made to business management.

Weekend Details and Eligibility

Please check back in fall 2016 for the eligibility requirements and schedule for Peek Weekend 2017.

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