We wanted to share with you the top 5 tips from members of the Class of 2017 on how to make the most of your trip to campus or to a hub city for your interview. Remember, they have been in your shoes.  We hope you find it helpful and, who knows, you might find a few new songs to put on your HBS Interview Pump Up playlist!

  1. Interview wherever makes the most sense for you

    "I interviewed on-campus for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost, the interview provided me with an opportunity to visit the campus and see what HBS was like.  Second, living in New York, it was a convenient trip for me to come to Boston." - Daniel C., interviewed on campus

    "I interviewed in Mumbai. The reason for choosing an off-campus interview was because the place was familiar and it was closer to home - a decision that helped me stay relatively calm (there really is no point in adding to the nervousness by complicating logistics!)." - Aparajita K., interviewed in Mumbai

    "I interviewed in London. It was convenient geographically (I lived in Amsterdam at the time). But I also knew the city well, which helps make you more comfortable on the day itself." - Daniel S., interviewed in London

    "I chose to fly from Minneapolis to Boston for the interview. It gave me the opportunity to visit the campus and begin to reflect on my final location for b-school." - Megan T., interviewed on campus

  2. Take advantage of interview activities to connect with HBS

  3. "Figuring out if a school is right for you starts before you get into the school. I had never been to HBS before and wanted to see if it was a place where I could picture myself and thrive. The on-campus activities helped me get a feel for what the day-to-day life is like and have great conversations with current students about their experiences. I decided to do all of the activities the first day and then my interview the next day, so I had a whole day just to soak everything in and reflect on why HBS." - Joanna C., interviewed on campus

    "My favorite part of the day was 100% the people.  This was a combination of a few things including current students (i.e., Section Admission Officers), potential students and the HBS staff – who were all friendly and helpful.  In particular, it was amazing to see the caliber of students interviewing and learn about their career experiences and future plans.  Many of them I now see on campus and even share classes with! I think the on-campus activities provided me with a better sense of what HBS was all about and most importantly, in a natural setting.  Rather than reading about the case method, I had the chance to see it live. I had obviously done some reading in advance from both HBS and non-HBS sources, but I truly believe that the best way to learn these things is in-person and on-site." - Daniel C., interviewed on campus

    "One of the best aspects of HBS for me has been my peers, and the off-campus activities at the interview gave me a preview of some of the fantastic people I would be spending the next few years with. Two of the people I met at the HBS Interview Reception in London are actually in my section, and I often meet up with some of the others I met. It was particularly nice in the initial weeks, as I felt like I already started building my community here. It was also really useful to speak to the alums - after connecting with one of them, he actually helped me in my search for a pre-MBA internship, which was unexpected but brilliant! Ultimately I felt like my HBS experience and community started at the interview stage." - Emma F., interviewed in London

    "I visited a class and learned a bit more about the case experience and section experience. The community feeling of the class visit was what helped me understand on my interview day that HBS was my #1 choice for B-School. Additionally I learned about the incredible Career Support that HBS provides – an aspect that was critical to me, as I do not yet have the direction settled on which I want to take for my internship/career. " - Megan T., interviewed on campus

  4. Remember you don't have to do everything all at once unless you want to

  5. "I did the on-campus interview and activities as two days (activities on one day, interview the second) and would highly recommend that every candidate spend two days on campus to participate in all of the activities and also separate the stress of interviewing from the excitement of meeting new people and taking in all that HBS has to offer." - Daniel S., interviewed on campus

    "If possible, try to do a whole day of on-campus activities and have your interview the next day or vice versa. It's nice to be able to do your activities without worrying about the interview. Also, definitely go to a class, even if it seems early in the morning: it's worth it and will help you understand the HBS case method so much more." - Joanna C., interviewed on campus

  6. Keep in mind there are lots of ways to get to know HBS from afar

  7. "Speak to the alums at the off-campus interview reception and ask the questions you really want to ask (not just, "what did you do for your summer internship"). Also, make use of YouTube - there are a ton of HBS resources online, including an example of the case method, so you can see what a class is like without having to go visit." - Emma F., interviewed in London

    "For anyone looking to apply and learn about HBS from a distance, I would strongly encourage speaking with alumni and current students. They were and still are the best resource for me as I navigate through my RC year." - Aparajita K., interviewed in Mumbai

    "The HBS website is a great starting point to learn about the HBS curriculum. I think it is important to watch some videos on the case study method to understand how academics proceed. Beyond that, it is also good to connect with alumni and current students to learn more about their experience post and during HBS." - Tania B., interviewed in Mumbai

    "Meet people. Meet alumni, who have been through the experience. Meet other applicants, who are also in a same place as you. Other than that, I got a lot of insights from watching clips online (such as “Inside the Case Method” with Jan Rivkin)." - Daniel C., interviewed in London

  8. Relax before your interview and maybe even put together your own HBS Interview Pump Up playlist. Here are a few recommendations from the Class of 2017:

  9. "Justin Timberlake - Can't Stop the Feeling"

    "American Authors - Best Day of My Life"

    "Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk"

    "Augustana - Boston"

    "Katy Perry - Roar"

    "Vampire Weekend - Ladies of Cambridge"

    "Outkast - Hey Ya!"

    "Thurston Harris - Little Bitty Pretty One"

    "Bon Jovi - It's My Life"

    "Rascal Flatts - Life Is A Highway"