Please come get to know us better.

Those of you coming to HBS to interview will notice, if you haven’t already, that we will be offering a number of activities to help make the on-campus interview experience as helpful and informative as possible. For the majority of the interview days, you’ll have a chance to visit a class, see a faculty panel, tour our campus and meet current students.

We’ve heard from admitted students – and we agree – that it feels like a lost opportunity to come all the way to our campus to only interview for 30 minutes and then depart. In response to this we’ve worked to make the on-campus interview experience more substantive and, we hope, enjoyable. This is an opportunity to learn more about HBS and we hope that those of you with lingering questions about the school will take the opportunity to get to know us better.
You’ll read and hear this again and again but these activities are truly meant to help you learn more about us. The events are not at all evaluative. Really.
For those of you not coming to campus, we also plan to offer a number of informative webinars after admission. These webinars will cover topics ranging from financial aid, to housing to student clubs. They’ll begin shortly after notification day and will continue throughout your decision-making period.
Should you be admitted to HBS, we encourage you to visit campus during our Admitted Student Welcome. ASW (as it’s known around here) is a great chance for you to get to know your future classmates in a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere. Along with participating in a case discussion and learning more about the MBA program, it’s a wonderful chance for you to spend time forging the friendships and relationships that will define your time at HBS.
We look forward to meeting you soon.