What does it mean to receive an invitation to interview?

The invitation to interview is a positive indication of the MBA Admissions Board's interest in your application to the MBA program. We interview applicants whom we believe are viable candidates for our program. Roughly half of the candidates interviewed are admitted.

Is the timing of my interview or interview invitation significant?

No. The timing of your interview does not imply anything about the status of your application nor does it impact your candidacy. We use a rolling process for extending interview invitations so that we can expedite the decision-making process for all candidates.

Who conducts the interviews?

All interviews are conducted by a member of the MBA Admissions Board.

Am I at a disadvantage if I interview off-campus?

No. Please choose the interview location that is most convenient for you. Whether you interview on-campus or off-campus, you will always interview with a member of the Admissions Board and you are not at a disadvantage in the admissions process. No matter where you interview, we encourage you to take part in the activities offered in that location.

What is the dress code for interviews?

For your interview, the dress is business formal. For the rest of the activities, business formal or business casual is appropriate. Some of the on-campus activities offered will require you to walk throughout the campus so please bring comfortable shoes.

Do I have to register to attend any of the on-campus and off-campus interview day activities?

Advance registration is required for all on-campus and off-campus activities. To register for these events, please visit the Get To Know HBS section on the webpage.

Does participating in on-campus or off-campus interview day activities affect my candidacy?

The only required and evaluative portion of your visit to campus or to an off-site interview location will be the interview. We encourage candidates to participate in the activities being offered in order to gain a better understanding of HBS.

What if I cannot spend the whole day at HBS?

All the interview day activities offered are optional, but you are encouraged to participate in as many activities as your schedule allows. You may choose to participate in the activities offered on the day you interview, or any other day the activities are offered.

Will I have time to write my Post-Interview Reflection if I participate in the on-campus and off-campus interview day activities?

Yes. You will have 24 hours to submit your Post-Interview Reflection. While on-campus, you will have access to the guest Wi-Fi network.

Can I attend more than one on-campus interview day activities?

Yes. You may choose to participate in activities offered on the day you interview, or any day the activities are offered. Applicants are limited to one class visit due to space constraints.

I am interviewing off-campus, but will be at HBS on a later date. Can I participate in the on-campus interview day activities if I already interviewed in another location?

Yes. No matter where you are interviewing you are welcome to participate in the on-campus activities while they are offered. You will need to pre-register for the activities and for the class visit.

Can I bring a guest to the on-campus and off-campus interview day activities?

Yes. Guests are welcome to attend all on-campus and off-campus activities except for the class visit where we have space constraints.

Will I still have free time to see friends who are current students?

Yes. You are free to schedule your day as you wish.

Can I leave the hospitality suite and explore campus?

Yes. We encourage you to gain a better understanding of HBS in whatever way you wish. The grounds of the campus are beautiful and the COOP, located in the Spangler Center features all things HBS.

Do I have access to the HBS fitness center when I'm visiting campus?

Yes, while visiting campus you have access to a one-day guest pass to Shad Hall, the HBS fitness center. The name badge you receive at check-in will grant you access. Please bring the name badge with you to Shad, and let them know you are interviewing with MBA Admissions. Shad is open Monday through Thursday from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and Friday from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

How do I get to HBS? Where should I stay?

If you are flying to Boston, the closest airport to Harvard Business School is Boston Logan Airport. Taxis are readily available at both Logan Airport and the Harvard Business School campus. Renting a car is not recommended. View the Boston area public transportation system, MBTA, for more information. For a map of Harvard Business School as well as driving directions, please visit the school's Maps/Directions page. We have compiled a list of hotels close to our campus. In addition, a special rate is available for candidates interviewing with HBS at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel (this hotel is within walking distance to the HBS campus). Please make reservations in order to receive the special rate.

When will I get my final decision?

You will be notified by email on the notification date that your decision will be available. You will need to log in the application status page to view the decision. 

What if I have to change my interview date and/or time?

Once your interview has been scheduled, we strongly discourage changes. However, should you need to make a change, please email Christina Malanga at slatesupport@hbs.edu. We will do our best to accommodate your change, but we do not guarantee the availability of interview slots.