The HBS 2+2 Program is a demonstration of our continued commitment to ensuring that diversity exists within the academic, professional and personal experiences of our student body members. This group of students will embark on a two-year professional career after graduating from their undergraduate institution, and will then enroll as HBS students in the fall of 2014.

For historical information on the MBA class visit these additional statistics.

Class of 2016


Total Applicants 1235
Admits 107
% Admitted 9%
Women 42%
International 33%
Countries Represented 19

Testing Information

Complete Range of GMAT Scores 660-790
median GMAT 740
Average GPA* 3.78

Educational Background

STEM 64%
Economics/Business 19%
humanities/social sciences 17%
Undergraduate Institutions Represented 48

*Excludes GPAs not on 4.0 scales.