22 Nov 2016

Wrapping Up Interviews

As we packed up at the end of our last Round 1 interview day on campus, I chatted informally with a few other members of the Admissions Board about the incredible people we have met (that’s you) from around the world. Many of you told me that you were pleasantly surprised (and relieved) that the interviews were personal, conversational, and substantive. That’s music to my ears, and I hope it was true for all of you. We are really aiming to get to know you.

In the process of getting to know you, I felt the added bonus of learning so much from you—about your industries, the projects or deals you’ve worked on, the challenges you’ve overcome, your aspirations for the future, your perspectives on leadership and the role of business for good in our world. Thank you for that. Speaking with you reminds me of how much I learned from my classmates as a student here. 

Now your hard work is done, and ours begins continues. Relish in that as the Thanksgiving holiday (for those of you in the U.S.) approaches! Before you know it, December 14 and final Round 1 decisions will be here.

For those applying in Round 2—we look forward to meeting you, too. Remember that we’re here to help as you get your application over the finish line (by Jan 4!). Check out the rest of this website for great resources, and don’t hesitate to reach out to admissions@hbs.edu or +1 617-495-6128 if you have specific questions.

27 Sep 2016

The Scoop on Interviews/Next Steps

For someone new to Dillon House, I’ve noticed it’s been oddly quiet around here since Round One applications came in. I don’t mean we haven’t been busy—there is actually no busier time for us—but it has been audibly quiet as we’ve all been heads down, reading your (very thoughtful) applications.

The next step is interviews. We will be sending out interview invitations on the following three days: October 4, 6, and 12. Try not to read into which date you hear from us—being invited to interview on October 4 vs. October 12 does not mean you are more likely to be accepted. We spread out interview invitations to avoid congestion on the interview sign-up pages.

If you haven’t heard from us on October 4 or 6, you will hear one of three things from us on October 12: 1) Invitation to Interview 2) "Release" or 3) "Further Consideration." Let me explain. By "releasing" those of you who will not move forward with our process on October 12—rather than waiting until December to let you know—we hope to give you time to explore other potential options. For group 3), we would like to "Further Consider" your applications in Round Two.

Interviews will occur between October 23 and November 18. In addition to on-campus interviews, we also conduct interviews in Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Mumbai, São Paulo, New York City, Palo Alto, London, and Paris. Where you interview does NOT affect your likelihood to be accepted (all interviews globally are conducted only by members of the Admissions Board), but if you come to Boston to interview, you’ll also have the chance to sit in on a class and interact with current students and faculty. Candidates who are not able to travel may be accommodated via Skype.

So, that’s the scoop on interviews! Now back to the best (and quietest) part of my day…reading your applications.

08 Sep 2016

Two Updates

Two updates for you today:

First: The HBS MBA Class of 2018 has officially started classes! It's an outstanding group, and as promised here is their final Class of 2018 profile.

Second: For the many of you who submitted your application yesterday for R1 - thank you. We received your applications and have been reading all morning. I just took a break for lunch and sat back for a few minutes to reflect on the amazing people I feel I've already met in the prospective Class of 2019. Wow. You inspire in ways big and small, and we are grateful for your interest in HBS.

Don't worry about interview invitations just yet; I will provide more details on that later. In the meantime, relish in the knowledge that your hard work is over (for now) and ours has begun. Now back to reading...

10 Aug 2016

“Tasting” the Case Method – Class Visits

For those of you applying in Round 1, I know I don’t have to remind you that the application deadline is less than a month away—September 7. Coming up! Good luck as you pull things together over the next couple of weeks.

What are we up to? We’ve been on the road a lot this summer, trying to spread the word about HBS. One of the things we always highlight (and receive lots of questions about) is the case method. It is the core teaching approach at HBS and, for most people, very different than their undergraduate experience. I could talk about the virtues of the case method (many!), but the rub is that it is actually very hard to describe yet easy to understand once you’ve experienced it in action—sort of like describing (vs. tasting) a new food or describing (vs. riding) a bike.

So…an invitation. Come to HBS for a visit—for a “taste” of the case method in action. In addition to  the tour and information sessions we hold on campus, you can sit in on a case method class. I still vividly remember the HBS class I visited as a prospective student. 

Sign up for class visits here. Or if you can’t make it to a visit on campus, check out this video on the case method. Current students have also written about their experience with the case method here.