29 Apr 2015

Winding Down and Gearing Up

As we head into Round 3 interviews with the finish line for this application season in sight (MAY 13!!!!!), we are already thinking about the Class of 2018.

So we hope you are too.

Class visits: continue through mid-May and there is still sign up availability.  I would encourage any potential Round One applicant who would like to see the case method in action to come now since class visits in the fall don’t begin until after the September deadline.

On-Campus Information sessions:  the schedule changes to Monday and Friday at 2:00 pm Boston time beginning May 8.  No advance notice required.  All of our sessions are conducted by members of the Admissions Team with plenty of time for Q&A.  We don’t meet individually with candidates.  Our calendar will announce room locations each week.

Campus tours:   beginning on May 8, we’ll host tours at 1:15 Boston time on Monday and Friday.  Again, no advance notice required - just come to Dillon House a few minutes before.  

If you come to campus when we don’t have anything scheduled, just stop in at Dillon House for a map and a friendly welcome.

We’ll be hosting various types of presentations in many locations this summer - including great student panels - watch the website for our schedule.

And here’s some advance info:

·         Essay and recommender questions will be posted on May 15

·         Application for Class of 2018 will go live in mid-June

·         Round One application deadline will be Wednesday, September 9th

22 Apr 2015

Round 3 Update

Just letting you know that we are on track to send out interview invitations and "release" notifications today at 12:00 noon ET.

Detailed information for interviewees will be included.

Thanks to all of you who engaged in this year's application season.

Next week we'll get some news out about our summer activities for prospective applicants and also tell you about when the application for the Class of 2018 will go live.

10 Apr 2015

Round 3 Interviews

Greetings to all Round 3 applicants - here's the plan:

On Wednesday, April 22, we will send out both interview invitations and "release" notifications. We plan for this to be at 12:00 noon, ET. Therefore, all Round 3 applicants will be hearing something from us on that date.

Interviews will take place on campus on May 1 and May 4. Detailed instructions will be in the invitation. We will not be doing any interview travel this round.

2+2 applicants are strongly advised NOT to compromise their academic commitments in order to travel to HBS for the interview - we will arrange Skype interviews.

I think that's all the news there is!

06 Apr 2015

Round 3

Coming into the home stretch for the Class of 2017 application season - today's the deadline!

12:00 Noon, Boston time. Don't panic if it takes a while to submit - we'll keep the system open for a while.

And we'll continue to accept recommendations for a couple of days.

We will begin to review your application when we have received one recommendation - it's your responsibility to keep checking your application to see that both have been received.

We'll get information out tomorrow about interview days/notification!