25 Aug 2015

Meet the Class of 2017!

Here's the Class of 2017 Profile...check back here for more in the coming weeks.

17 Aug 2015

Round 1

We're thinking about Round 1...

And I bet many of you are, too!

With the deadline less than a month away, we promise to keep you updated on what's going on here in Dillon House and offer our best advice on how to get into countdown mode.

I wish you could visit classes before September 9. You can't because there aren't any. Our students will arrive back on campus in late August, but class visits won't get underway until after the September 9 deadline. You're always welcome to come to campus. We've got info sessions and tours to offer. Boston is certainly a great vacation destination spot and just walking around our campus can give you a pretty good sense of what life is like here. The weather has been fantastic - day after day of bright sunshine and low humidity.

Here's the info session/tour schedule (tours are at 1:15pm and information sessions are at 2pm - you do not have to register in advance to attend):

  • Monday, August 17
  • Friday, August 21
  • Monday, August 24
  • Friday, August 28
  • Monday, August 31
  • Friday, September 4

What are we doing? Traveling. You can see from the website that we have a lot of ground to cover before settling in to read applications. While you'll soon hear us say "don't wait until 11:55am on September 9 to submit," we don't begin reading applications until the deadline passes so we haven't seen any "Introduce Yourself" responses yet!

That's all for now...

08 Jun 2015

Class of 2017 - Preliminary Profile

As promised, here's a very early peek at the Class of 2017. This is a preliminary profile - we will post the final matriculating class profile at the very end of August.

01 Jun 2015

Class of 2018: Start Your Engines!

It's June 1 and, as promised, the application for the Class of 2018 is live!

You can now access the application via our website.

Stay tuned for some more information about the Class of 2017 over the coming weeks.