10 Jun 2016

Business As Usual (Reprise)

Hello. Chad Losee here, writing to you for the first time. I came in to Dillon House early today to write this post; I’m sitting in an office across the hall from where I interviewed for admission into the HBS MBA program five and a half years ago. It’s surreal.

Let me begin by saying that I am humbled and honored to be serving HBS (and you) in this role. I remember quite clearly what it feels like to put yourself out there in a business school admissions process, and I am committed to keeping up the tradition of transparency and humanity that has been a hallmark of the admissions process at Harvard Business School for several years.

I’ll skip to the bottom line: I think you should apply. An MBA at HBS is a transformative experience—I learned and became so much more than what I started with. I brought one voice and one perspective to the case method classroom, but I was challenged and shaped and enhanced by the other 90 voices in the room. Now we need your distinct perspective in our classroom.

So…let me address a few things that may be on your mind:

Just to be clear: we are (still) looking for students who show 1) a habit of leadership, 2) analytical aptitude and appetite, and 3) engaged community citizenship. More on this here. We want you to apply.  

You may have already seen that our application is now live. As in years past, we will read (and re-read) and consider the application in its entirety —application, resume, essay, recommendations, transcripts, interview, post-interview reflection, GMAT or GRE scores, etc.  Said another way, no one thing will get you admitted or “released” from our admissions process. We are selecting a class with diverse backgrounds and perspectives—elements that are the foundation of learning by the case method.

Call us (+1 617 495 6128). Email us (admissions@hbs.edu). Come to one of our global outreach events. Join a live webinar. Drop by our office in Dillon House. Register (in September) to visit a class. We’re here for you.

More soon.

01 Jun 2016

Class of 2019: Here We Go!

It’s here!  

The application for the Class of 2019 is now live.

We’ll post some information about the Class of 2018 over the coming weeks - stay tuned.

11 May 2016

Endings and Beginnings

Today we released Round 3 decisions. Included in this group are a few invitations to join the waitlist. Eileen Chang will be communicating with this group via email.

We thank everyone who applied to HBS this past season. While we will never be able to say “yes” as many times as we’d like,  please know that we are honored to have received almost 10,000 applications - and proud to be the place which attracts so many talented leaders who want to make a difference in the world.

Now it’s time to think about the Class of 2019!

Here are some details – first, submission deadlines:

Round 1:  September 7, 2016

Round 2:   January 4, 2017

Round 3:  April 3, 2017

And we are also revealing the essay question:

“As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program?”

No word limit and no right answers. It’s all yours.

The new application will go live in early June -  stay tuned for an update when that happens.

We've also made updates to the 2+2 application process - please see the post below for details. 

We wish all of you a safe and happy summer.


10 May 2016

News Flash: 2+2 Application Process for Next Season

This really is news.

2+2 applicants will have ONE DEADLINE (April 3) and ONE DECISION NOTIFICATION (mid-May).

That means no more picking rounds for college seniors. No more worry about ‘which round is best?’. You will all be reviewed together in April.

Why? This way we get to see fall term grades and activities. And we can review the entire pool at once - a luxury we don’t have in the (much larger) work-experienced pool.

So if you’d like to submit earlier than April, that’s fine. But this isn’t a “rolling” process so your application won’t be considered until the April deadline.

We haven’t finalized interview dates yet (it’s a year away!!) but they will most likely be in late April/early May with a notification in mid-May.

Just a refresher on what will stay the same:    

2+2 is a vehicle for college seniors (and master’s degree students without full-time work experience) to APPLY to Harvard Business School. It is NOT a separate educational experience.

The positive outcome for a 2+2 applicant is a guaranteed spot in a future class contingent upon gaining employment for at least two years before matriculation. Many participants elect to work for three years and some for four. You’ve heard us say this before and we’ll say it again: 2+2 probably should be re-named “Flex+2”.  Maybe we’ll do that. Your plans for employment need to be approved by us but we encourage a wide range of career exploration.

Hope this gives all of you rising seniors something to think about...we wish you a wonderful summer.