05 Oct 2015

Round 1 - News about Interview Invitations

Here's what our plan is for tomorrow, October 6:

At 12:00 noon ET, we will send interview invitations via email to roughly 600 Round 1 applicants. The email will contain detailed instructions on the scheduling process. On October 8 and 14, we will extend about 350 additional invitations (total).

Please don't speculate about the day you receive the interview invitation - it's not about you. It's about us and how we set internal deadlines for applications to be read.

Note: 2+2 candidates will be invited to interview in the October 14 wave. There will be no news for 2+2ers on October 6 or 8.

October 14 is also the date on which we will "release" candidates who are not moving forward in our process. We hope that by doing this early, we are enabling this group to pursue other options sooner vs. later. Also on this date, we will notify another group of applicants that we wish to "further consider" their applications in Round 2. Again, the email will provide information about the timetable and communication plan for this group. We anticipate that there will be ~100 applicants in this group.

And now, a request: PLEASE don't send any additional materials or letters of support. We've designed an evaluation process that we believe is as thorough and fair as we can make it. It's not perfect, but it certainly is a process to which we dedicate a tremendous amount of care and concern.

Before I close, all of us in Dillon are impressed. Impressed that you met such an early deadline. Impressed at the variety of ways in which you "introduced yourselves." Impressed that you have all worked so hard to do well. And we're pleased - and proud - to be part of this place which you see as a training ground for aspirational leadership. We applaud your intent to make a difference in the world.


21 Sep 2015

Round 1 - Interview Invitation Plan

Greetings from Dillon House where we are all reading. And reading. And reading.

This is what happens next:

Interview invitations will be sent out on the following 3 days: October 6, 8, and 14. The invitations will contain detailed instructions about the sign-up procedure. On October 14, candidates who will not be invited to interview will be notified of their release.

Note: The day on which you receive an interview invitation does not signal ANYTHING  about your candidacy – we spread out the invitations over three days in order to avoid congestion in the online sign-up stage.    


Round One interviews will be conducted between October 26 and November 20. Not all dates will be available in all locations. In addition to on-campus interviews, we will be interviewing in New York City, Palo Alto, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Dubai, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, and Santiago. Candidates who cannot travel may be accommodated via Skype.

I've said this before, but it bears repeating: We love having interviewees visit campus and we will have a full day of get-to-know HBS activities, but the location of your interview plays no part in the selection process.

Hope this is helpful . . . please keep in mind that there are REALLY detailed instructions in the interview invitation which will answer all your questions.


09 Sep 2015

Deep breath.

Yes, today is the Round 1 deadline. Noon, EDT.

I promise that server traffic will be high at high noon. Don't panic. We'll keep the system open as long as there are people trying to submit applications.

The "submitted" notification on the screen means just that: We've got your application. Don't look for any further notification from us about whether your application is complete.

Yes, you may submit your application before your recommendations are in.

We're here...waiting and watching and answering phones if you need us!

As soon as we get through the next day or so, we'll post about our timing on interview invitations.

08 Sep 2015

What About Late Recommendations?

Trying to think of what might be helpful today.

Maybe this:

Some of you may be having recommender-induced-anxiety-attacks. All of a sudden your recommender is traveling, for example. What happens if they don't get the recommendation in by noon on Wednesday?

We're used to this. This is how we handle it:

We start to read your application if there is one submitted rec. We keep the online system open for a day or so after the deadline so, yes, we will accept late recommendations.

It's your responsibility to make sure that your recs get submitted. We won't notify you if they are not. We'll just review your application with whatever is in your file.

More tomorrow...