14 Apr 2014

Round 3 Interviews and Beyond

Here's the plan:

On Thursday, April 17, hopefully at 12:00 noon Boston time, we will send out both interview invitations and release notifications. Thus, all Round 3 candidates will be hearing something from us on Thursday. Interviewees will receive detailed instructions via email. Interviews will be conducted here on campus on April 28 and May 2. Skype interviews will be available for international candidates and college students with academic conflicts.

Round 3 decisions (to all interviewed candidates) will go out on May 14. Noon. You know the drill.

The application for the Class of 2017 will go live in mid-June. We'll post the essay and recommender questions before that - most likely in early June.


Hope this is helpful.

04 Apr 2014

Round Three Application Deadline

We're coming down the home stretch now.

The Round 3 application deadline is Monday, April 7 at 12:00 noon EDT.

We'll be here this weekend to answer questions: We'll have phone coverage on Saturday, April 5 from 1:00 - 4:00pm EDT and again on Sunday, April 6 from 3:00 - 6:00pm EDT. Technical questions about the application can be directed to slatesupport@hbs.edu.

Our next post here will give details about the Round 3 interview schedule.

One more thing - lots of "Am I eligible for the 2+2 Program?" questions coming in. Here's the scoop: To be considered for admission to the 2+2 Program class entering in Fall 2016, your graduation date from your bachelor’s or master’s program must be between October 1, 2013 and September 30, 2014. The 2+2 application is meant for current students who have not been out in the professional world yet (not including summer internships or work associated with degree programs, e.g. co-ops). Additionally, if you are in a professional degree program (JD, PhD, or MD) you may apply to HBS via our regular admissions application, but not via the 2+2 application. As always, there is more information on our 2+2 website.

Hope your weekend is good...and that you feel great when you hit the "submit" button.

25 Mar 2014

Round 2 Notification

Countdown to Wednesday! As we anticipate The Very Last Snowstorm of the Season, we're all set to get decisions out. Here's how it works:

    • We won't make phone calls ahead of time. You've been feeling "out of control" for quite a while, so we want to make sure that you can be where you want to be - and with whom - when you get the news from us.
    • Your decision will be available at 12:00 noon, Boston time. You can access it by logging in to your Applicant Status Page. You'll also get an email from HBS saying your decision is available, but you don't need to wait for this email.
    • In the rare case that we experience any glitches that make the noon target not possible, we'll do a blog post about it.
    • All admitted candidates will get immediate access to the Prematriculation website.

As always, I hope this is helpful.

21 Feb 2014

Round 3 - Should You or Shouldn't You?

You want to go to business school. You really do. But the fall season kind of got away from you. You were busy. Work was demanding. You simply didn't have time to hunker down and focus on b-school applications.

Now you've got it together. Ready. But there's all this noise about Round 3. Discouraging and worrisome noise. Let's try to address some of the myths.

Myth #1: There are no spots available.
Not true. We manage the selection process to ensure that there are always spots open for the candidates we want. Are there as many spots open as in Rounds 1 and 2? No. Are there as many applicants? No. Do I think a strong candidate has a fair shot? Yes.

Myth #2: We’ve run out of financial aid.
Not true. The very last person admitted to the class has access to the same need-based financial aid that the very first person received.

Myth #3: If I get dinged in Round 3, I can't/shouldn't apply the next season in Round 1.
Not true. There's absolutely no stigma in re-applying 5 months later. Happens a lot. Many people in our classroom today were successful re-applicants.

Myth #4: It's too late for 2+2 applicants.
Not true. Not even close to true. Round 3 is a great choice for 2+2 applicants. Why? We can be more flexible about the number of 2+2 admits given that we are not worried about a "seat being occupied" for this September. College seniors have another semester of grades to show us. And another semester of activities. I also see a 2+2 application as a good dress rehearsal for future applications - and possibly interviews - to lots of other selective scenarios. If you aren't admitted to 2+2, we like to say (over and over): It doesn't mean not ever, it means not now. Besides, it's a great deal. $100 application fee. A chance to get the standardized tests over with when you're in test-taking mode. And, best of all, two or three years to explore and then come to HBS.

Myth #5: There's no Welcome Weekend for Round 3 admits.
True. But all the interviews will be held on campus so you'll get to see us in real time. And here's some advice about visiting classes and the campus:

If you want to see the case method in action, there are many spots available to visit a HBS class this spring. Also, there will be limited availability for visiting a class before the Round 1 application deadline next fall, so this is a great time to visit. Register for a class visit through our online scheduling system. We will also be hosting several other events on campus in the next few months, including an LGBT Open House, Prospective Students’ Diversity Day, and lunches for prospective women applicants with members of the Women’s Student Association.

You can always meet us online, too. We will be hosting Admissions Q&A webinars to answer your questions before the Round 3 deadline, as well as webinars featuring members of the Women’s Student Association and the Armed Forces Alumni Association. To learn more, please see the Admissions Events page of our website.

Here's a reminder: The Round 3 deadline is April 7. We'll do our usual posts right after the deadline about timing of interview invitations. As always, hope this helps.