Note that session dates and content are subject to change. 

PHASE 1: Project Submission & Selection

Timeline Host company Students
September - January Companies submit E-Lab project proposals. Projects screened by faculty/staff.  Registration for E-Lab course (ongoing).
December - January Companies notified if their project will be included in the E-Lab portfolio. Registration for E-Lab course (finalized).

PHASE 2: Matching Student Teams & Host Companies

Timeline Host Company Students
January Host companies receive info about students. Students receive info about projects; students submit top project choices.
January 24 First Class: Companies pitch projects in class. (3:30 - 6:00pm) First Class: Course overview; project descriptions; team formation begins.
January 29 Deadline for teams to be finalized; deadline for teams to rank project choices.
January 30 - 31 Team/company matches are finalized; companies are notified of their E-Lab team. Team/company matches are finalized; teams arrange first meeting with host company.
February 5 Project plans signed by host company CEO. Project plans agreed with host company CEO.

PHASE 3: Project Work

Timeline Host company Students
February Meet with student team. Project work.
March Team Presentation #1: Preliminary Customer Value Proposition (CVP).
March - April Meet with student team. Project work. Spring Break.
April Team Presentation #2: Insights from Customer Interviews/Surveys.
April - May Meet with student team. Project work.
April 25 Team Presentation #3: Draft Final Report to Faculty; Final Report to Host Company.
April 25 - May 2 Provide feedback to team on report.
Provide feedback to faculty on team.