of past Global Partners from 2012 and 2013 indicated they would be interested in participating in another FIELD Global Immersion

Global Partner Testimonials

  • "The talent of the team, their analysis, and the recommendations they gave us absolutely exceeded our expectations. Our organization will immediately implement one of their recommendations and test two others. We are completely satisfied with the outcome of the project and the return on investment we got from it is immense!"
    ~Cinepolis (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • "Shortly after the final presentation of the team, we initially started to work on one of the ideas that the student team developed. We plan to implement it in 2013."
    ~AXA (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • "Overall, the ideas the team developed were really helpful and provided different perspectives towards what we are doing. We very much appreciate their intelligence and efforts. "
    ~Quixhop (Beijing, China)
  • "Our FIELD team were rockstars. Their significant business acumen, overall maturity, and time on-task resulted in an outstanding, unique and commercially viable result for our organization."
    ~Kommunity Group (Johannesburg, South Africa)