Dear Global Partner Representative:

We are thrilled that your organization has agreed to support the Harvard Business School (HBS) Field Immersion Experiences in Leadership Development (FIELD) course by becoming a Global Partner for the globalization module of the course, FIELD 2.

FIELD 2 aims to increase our students' understanding of value creation in a global context, and to build their awareness of the variations in business processes, customers, and the institutional environment across different markets. At the core of the exercise, students will focus on business opportunity through a new product or service development project. We also hope it is an interesting way for your organization to gain fresh perspectives and engage with students.

To create the framework for this exercise, and to proactively address questions you might have about how issues such as non-disclosure and intellectual property rights will be handled, we have developed two short documents.

  • A project agreement, to be signed by HBS and the Global Partner organization, summarizing expectations and clarifying the academic mission of the project.
  • A team agreement, to be signed by the members of the student teams and the Global Partner organization, that includes provisions for the protection of confidential information and the transfer of student rights in their proposal to the Global Partner.

Careful thought went into both of these documents, with the purpose of providing a structure that would:

  • provide the best benefit and reassurance to the Global Partners,
  • serve the educational and pedagogical objectives of the course, and
  • enable our students to have a meaningful learning experience.

Ultimately, though, we want to stress that the primary goal of these projects is academic, with the additional benefit of promoting the exchange of ideas and cross-cultural collaboration. Thus these agreements do not contain provisions that might be found, for example, in typical consulting arrangements. They are structured to support both the Global Partner and student learning experience.

We ask that all Global Partners sign both the Project and Team Agreement documents. You will receive copies of each in late October, along with additional information regarding your HBS student team.

Below are links to the Project and Team Agreements, as well as to the Faculty and Staff Agreements for your reference.

We know that the students will be eager to start working with you, and we want to reiterate our appreciation for your involvement in this program.

HBS Global Experience Office