Leadership Intelligence


FIELD Foundations engages small teams in interactive workshops—held in new flexible classrooms called "hives"—that reshape how students think, act, and see themselves. Through team feedback and self-reflection, participants deepen their emotional intelligence and develop a growing awareness of their own leadership styles.

Global Intelligence


FIELD 2 immerses student teams in emerging markets, requiring them to develop a new product or service concept for global partner organizations around the world.

Integrative Intelligence


FIELD 3 brings the entire first-year experience together by challenging students to synthesize the knowledge, skills, and tools acquired in the RC within a real microbusiness they must design and launch themselves. Building on HBS's historic strength in the case method, FIELD pushes an MBA education beyond learning management principles in an action-oriented discussion context and into direct experiences, that, through integrated study, practice, and reflection, develop graduates capable of inspired leadership.