The Business and Environment Initiative seeks to deepen business leaders' understanding of today's environmental challenges and to assist them in developing effective solutions. We aspire to help leaders think clearly about the design of economic and political institutions that enable firms and societies to thrive while maintaining the physical and biological systems on which they ultimately depend.

The Digital Initiative (D/I) studies the digital transformation of the economy, and seeks to shape it by equipping leaders and engaging our community with cutting-edge research. As a think/do start-up at Harvard Business School, D/I brings together leading scholars and practitioners to explore the re-invention of business in a digital, networked, and media-rich environment.

The Entrepreneurship Initiative fulfills our conviction that a top business school must be an "incubator of ideas." We encourage students with the resources and support they need to explore new ideas and learn how to take a new company boldly into the future.

The Global Initiative expands the School's long history of international involvement. Our unprecedented global research centers—in Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Istanbul—assist faculty in case writing and research, and deepen relationships with companies, universities, and governments worldwide to address the rapidly evolving demands of an increasingly global marketplace.

The Health Care Initiative was created to help prepare current and future health care leaders worldwide to address complex problems in the health care industry from a multi-disciplinary, business-oriented perspective.

The Leadership Initiative drives the School's mission of educating leaders who make a difference in the world by ensuring that HBS remains at the forefront of leadership research and development for the 21st century and beyond.

The Social Enterprise Initiative plays a critical role in the School's mission by integrating social enterprise-related research, teaching, and activities into HBS daily life, and by offering students from all sectors opportunities to prepare for leadership roles in social enterprise and cross-sector careers.