How do I take a virtual tour?

On desktop, click the arrow in the Campus Tour box in the top left corner. This will launch the 24-stop desktop virtual tour. You will remain in the tour until you click the stop button to exit. The stop button will appear in the same spot at the arrow.

On mobile, click the "Tour" button in the lower right corner and select "Campus Tour". This will launch the 24-stop mobile tour. To exit the mobile tour, just click on any of the navigation along the bottom of the screen.

Is there an associated audio tour?

Yes there are two ways to take an audio tour: as a separate audio tour or within the map. You can download the audio tour on iTunes by clicking on the Campus Audio Tour arrow in the sidebar. Please note, this option is audio only with no associated map. You can also access audio directly in the map both on desktop and mobile (recommended).

On desktop, once you've launched the tour, you'll see the associated audio for each tour stop in the sidebar. Just click the play button to listen.

On mobile, you will need to click on the "Details & Audio" bubble to access the audio.

How do I advance to the next stop on the tour?

On desktop, you'll click the "next" button in the lower left hand corner of the Digital Campus.

On mobile, you will use the small gray arrows at the bottom of the screen to advance on the tour, or if you have clicked on the "tap for more" on a particular stop, you will use the "next" button.

How do I find a specific building on campus?

You can either type the name of the building or associated keywords into the search bar, or expand the category to see a full list of buildings. Simply select the building you are looking for to access additional information.

How do I view the 360 panoramas?

We have two types of 360 panoramas available: interior & exterior. To access, select 360 panorama from the location indicators in the left sidebar. You can use the drop down to display only interior or exterior panoramas. All panoramas are indicated on the map with an orange person icon. Click on the orange person icon to enter the panorama.

To exit a panorama, simply click the "Back to Map" button in the top left corner of the map.

I just want a plain, print map or directions. Where can I find that?

You can download a print map and/or directions in the right sidebar of the map page.

What do I put in my GPS?

The address you can use for your GPS is 117 Western Ave, Boston MA. This will direct you to our parking lot. Please note, this is not the HBS Mailing Address. The HBS Mailing Address can be found in the right sidebar of the map page.