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Walter C. Teagle

Standard Oil of New Jersey

1917 - 1937

Utilities & Energy

1910 b. 1878
UndergraduateCornell University
Born-Died1878 - 1962
BirthplaceOhio (OH)
FatherOwner, Large Business
Era - 1910

Teagle rose threw the ranks of Standard Oil after joining in 1901, making a name for himself through his managing of the companyís international operations after the anti-trust breakup in the early 1910s. Throughout his term as president of Standard Oil, Teagle continued his success in the international arena, acquiring operations in Iran and Venezuela. He was also instrumental in expanding the companyís presence in the petrochemistry field. All of these endeavors led Standard Oilís market share to grow from 2% to 11.5%, making it the worldís largest oil producer.