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Thomas J. Watson, Sr.


1914 - 1955

Computers & Electronics

1910 b. 1874
Born-Died1874 - 1956
BirthplaceNew York (NY)
FatherOwner, Small Business
Era - 1910

Though Watson had to personally secure a loan to reshape the companyís finances, he turned it around in a matter of years and officially incorporated it as International Business Machines in 1923. Over the next 30 years of Watsonís tenure, IBM brought out a wide array of successful products, many of them being the first of their kind on the market, including typewriters, automatic summary punches, test scoring machines and others. IBMís biggest achievement however, came when it introduced its first computer in 1952, well behind competitors like Sperry Rand. Because of IBMís big company status, however, it was free to heavily invest in research and development, and by 1956 it had surpassed its competitors in the computer market.