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Steven J. Ross

Warner Communications

1962 - 1992

Entertainment & Broadcast Media

Military ServiceNavy
1960 b. 1927
Born-Died1927 - 1992
BirthplaceNew York (NY)
FatherDeceased / Absent
Era - 1960

Ross built a small family funeral parlor business into the world’s largest media company by the time of his death. In 1962, Ross took the funeral parlor business, Kinney, public at a market valuation of $12.5 million. From that initial base, Ross purchased Warner-Seven Arts studio as the first step in building a media empire. Ross was one of the first to recognize the growing importance of cable television, and his company provided the incubator for the launch of MTV and Nickelodeon. In 1989, Ross joined forces with J. Richard Munro of Time to form Time-Warner.