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Robert R. Young

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company

1937 - 1954


1930 b. 1897
Born-Died1897 - 1958
BirthplaceTexas (TX)
FatherExecutive, High-Level
Era - 1930

Young set out to take over the holding company that owned the C&O Railroad, and despite losing substantial backing from a group of General Motors executives, Young eventually gained control of the company. Soon after that victory however, JP Morgan and other firms threatened to put C&O bonds in foreclosure, launching a fight that took years to settle. Young, however, came out on top and was vindicated when the SEC formally instituted a competitive bidding requirement for all bond issuances. The C&O railroad itself, despite the financing battle, was completely revitalized under Young and eventually became one of the strongest railroads in the East.