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Robert R. McCormick

Chicago Tribune

1914 - 1955

Publishing & Print Media

Military ServiceArmy
1910 b. 1880
UndergraduateYale University
Born-Died1880 - 1955
BirthplaceIllinois (IL)
Era - 1910

When McCormick inherited The Chicago Tribune from his uncle, it had less than 200,000 subscribers, was the third largest newspaper in Chicago, and was barely surviving. McCormick helped place the paper on solid financial ground even acquiring timber land in Canada to supply the firm with a cost effective source of raw material. One of the last great journalists to implant his own personality on a newspaper, McCormick was both hailed and vilified for his staunchly conservative and isolationist views. Though he stirred much personal controversy, the newspaper he led grew to become the largest and most influential paper in the Midwest. By his death, the paper had a circulation in excess of one million.