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Philip Sporn

American Electric Power Company

1947 - 1961

Utilities & Energy

1940 b. 1896
UndergraduateColumbia University
Born-Died1896 - 1978
FatherNon-Profit / Other
Era - 1940

Sporn was one of the foremost contributors to the growth in the consumption and dissemination of electric power. A tireless advocate for the industry, Spornís efforts were aimed at greater efficiency of operations through technological advances in the fields of electric power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization. In 1954, Sporn received the Charles A. Coffin Medal for pioneering advancement in engineering. He was cited for two advances made by his company: operation of the countryís first 330K volt transmission line and initiation of the manufacture of the nationís first electric power generating unit to use ultra-high pressure steam.