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Paul W. Litchfield

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

1926 - 1940

Automotive & Aerospace

1920 b. 1875
UndergraduateMassachusetts Institute of Technology
Born-Died1875 - 1959
BirthplaceMassachusetts (MA)
Era - 1920

As the president of Goodyear, Litchfield established $218 million in revenues by 1940 and a net profit of over $10 million. By this date, Goodyear distributed its products through 50,000 retail outlets and more than 400 company-owned stores. Litchfield was also responsible for the companys substantial expansion and investments. Under his direction, Goodyear began to experiment in the development of airplane parts and fighter aircraft, becoming one of the ten largest producers in this field during World War II.