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Otto D. Donnell

Ohio Oil Company

1927 - 1948

Utilities & Energy

1920 b. 1883
UndergraduateCase Western Reserve University (Case School of Engineering)
Born-Died1883 - 1961
BirthplaceOhio (OH)
FatherHead, Same Company
Era - 1920

When Donnell took over the presidency of Ohio Oil in 1927, the company had over $104 million in assets with $7 million in net profits. Donnell began a program of expansion in 1930, purchasing various oil companies and service stations. By 1948, Donnell had nearly doubled the value of the company’s assets, which then stood at $203 million. Under Donnell, Ohio Oil produced 39 million barrels of gross oil, boasting a profit of $68 million, a near tenfold increase from when he began his presidency.